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Smart Homes Are Trending, Are You Keeping Up?

It seems the term smart home is thrown around a lot these days, but what does that mean exactly?
Carol Evenson Nov 19, 2019
Technology is constantly changing and improving to make the lives of the users easier. A smart home utilizes devices that use technology to work more efficiently while giving you the convenience of having more control over what the devices in your home will do.
If you haven’t adopted some of these time-saving and cost-reducing devices in your home, you may be costing yourself in the long run. A few key devices can increase the functionality in your home and create greater convenience for you.

Enhance Your Security

One very beneficial aspect of a smart home is a smart security system. You can install security cameras that you can monitor easily in-home or while you are away with an app. With indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, and even attractive doorbell cameras, you can find the best combination of cameras for your monitoring needs.
Smart locks are also an important part of a smart home security system. Smart locks can be operated remotely giving you complete access to control who can enter your home and when. This can even be combined with door and window sensors for complete home security.

Increase the Performance

Improve the efficiency of heating and cooling your home with a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat will give you complete control over the temperature of your home, but can also help you run your heating and cooling systems more efficiently, earning you long-term savings and a reduction in energy waste.
If you pair your smart thermostat with your smart garage door opener and your window and door monitoring devices, you will see even greater efficiency, as your thermostat will be able to actively compensate for these potential modes of energy waste.

Have More Control

You can use smart light bulbs in your home. With these, you can set up schedules for the lighting in your home and have complete access to monitor and control your lights from a mobile device or tablet.
There are a variety of options for smart bulbs that can connect to WiFi giving access to command the lights, and watch their energy usage. There are even smart bulbs with multiple color options, giving you even more choices for what the lights in your home can do.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Investing in some smart appliances may produce some surprising results. A robot vacuum that will clean for you on a schedule may help you keep your home more dust-free, simply from consistent daily cleanings. If your passion is cooking, consider investing in a smart microwave or grill.
The additional control may give you the tools you need to produce even better meals. Monitor your fitness goals with a smart scale that can track your progress and give more information than simply your weight.
If it isn’t time to upgrade your appliances, you can install smart outlets or invest in smart power strips that will give even your basic devices smart capabilities.

Automate Your Home

An exciting part of using smart devices in your home is when they can work together. A smart home hub or bridge can give you complete control over the smart devices in your home. You can integrate your smart thermostat and security system, as well as your robot vacuum and smart appliances.
This way you can use the increased functionality to manage your devices from a single hub. You will be able to set up their programming, or even use the smart hub so that your devices work together more efficiently.
There are a variety of smart home devices that can give you the home integration you have been missing. Protect your home and family with increased security, make your home more efficient with a smart thermostat and lighting, and enjoy the conveniences smart appliances bring to your life.
Once you incorporate smart devices in your home, you may begin to wonder how you ever lived without them in the first place.