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How to Draft a Snow Removal Contract

Consider the given factors before signing or making a snow removal contract, in case you are not opting for an verbal agreement.
Torque Earnest Nov 8, 2018
Any contract should be very clear, simple, and detailed. The same applies to snow removal contracts. Though before thinking of this, the first step is to have a look at the snow removal services you would prefer, followed by the pricing offered by different contractors.
The following are guidelines for you to be able to decide what all is necessary to be included in the contract. There will be variations in it according to your specific needs and considerations. Take a look at the following factors to be considered while making such a contract.


Mention the parties involved in the contract. That is, who is employing whom, and who all are involved and come under the purview of the contractors. This will help in ruling out any disputes as to whose responsibility was it, etc.


This section is specifically for individual contracts, as in, the location of work or the site, the 'laws' to be followed and applicable, when to start snow removal (the specifications), when the work is to be called 'completed,' etc. All these factors come in this definitions sections.


This is the most important section, as it contains all the details related to the kind of work to be done. For example, who is going to fund the materials required at the time of working, the rates calculation details, the responsibilities and liabilities, the usage of hat type of snow removal equipment, what is to be done if some damage occurs, etc.


Another factor to be checked is the contractor liability insurance. Check whether the contractor provides any insurance or has any tie ups with any insurance company. More often than not, losses are incurred during the process in spite of following the correct procedures.


The method of operation also should be pre-decided and mentioned in the contact. Along with this, the respective costs too has to be mentioned. For example, if the contractor uses hand shoveling or snow plows, what will be the cost. The number of people working in both the cases will be different, and so will the charges.


This section is probably the only one which is referred to time and again by everyone involved in the contract. As the name suggests, it deals with the payment details. What amount or percentage is to be paid upon how much completion of the work, the method of payment, etc., are all such business communications that have to be mentioned.


This is the last and obviously one of the important sections. It has to be signed by both, the contractor and the client, along with the date.
It is not a compulsion to get into a written and signed contract every time you opt for professional snow removal assistance. You can very much have a verbal contract too. just make sure that all the details are decided upon before the commencement of the job.