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A Complete Checklist for Spring Cleaning

Buzzle Staff Feb 6, 2019
Every one of us tries to maintain a clean house. Just like daily cleaning, seasonal cleaning also plays an important role.
A clean house is a house that is healthy to live in. There are many necessary things that need to be done at different intervals, to maintain a clean home. Some chores obviously need to be done on a daily basis, others weekly, and some need to be done only once a month.
Spring cleaning is necessary because the winter things (clothes, blankets etc) need to be put in a special place and stacked up safely so that they do not get damaged. These chores are easily remembered if there is a checklist to aid in the organized completion of the tasks.

Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Be organized - Jot down everything that needs to be done. The best way is to do this room by room, not forgetting the outer side of the house (back/front porch, grill, patio furniture etc.)
2. Take your time. Do things bit by bit on the weekends. Don't try to do everything in one day. Give it a week or even two, or if need be.
3. Turn it into a party! Get help from friends and neighbors, clean while having a pizza party or "cleaning party". Also, offer to do others houses when you are finished with your own.
4. Get the kids busy by making them help out in some way or doing something else. Turn off the TV and maybe put some music on instead.
5. Give away things that are not useful for you anymore but are in good condition; if at all possible.
6. Open up windows and doors. Let the freshness of spring stream in. Sunshine is known to have antibacterial properties; the warmth of sunshine and the fresh air help to clean away bacteria and fungi that cause diseases. This is good for people with chronic respiratory diseases (i.e. Asthma).
7. Clean out the clutter - Dig deep into drawers and closets and clean them out in order to make room for the new things.

Important areas to remember while cleaning

1. Appliance Maintenance - Appliances like the microwave, toaster, iron, should be stacked away. Make sure they are in proper working condition and check that the cord is in good condition to assure proper fire safety.Defrost the refrigerator; clean the lint from around the dryer, check the dryer hoses.
Clean any electrical appliance that isn't used often.
2. Vents (heating and cooling ducts) - This may require professional attention, but it can save a bundle of money in the long run on air conditioning bills. Replace filters, prevent vent blockage.
Clean the fireplace for the last time before summer begins and its use is not needed for a while.
3. Outdoor Areas - This is mainly the gutters, grills, any landscaping that you might want done for the summer.
Any outdoor furniture that might have been stored away for the winter needs to be maintained as well.
4. Exterior Doors - This means the front door, it probably has been hit with plenty of winter dirt and grime in some way.
Clean front doors make the house appear approachable.
5. Windows (Exterior and Interior)
Clean the window sills and areas around the window both on the outside and on the inside. Check for any necessary repairs that might need to be made as well.
Check for any necessary repairs that might need to be made as well.
6. Closet Overhaul
Clear out any unnecessary items from closets and organize them to make a room for new things. Donate any unnecessary items.