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Stand Mixer Vs. Hand Mixer - Time to Decide Which One is Better

Stand Mixer Vs. Hand Mixer - Which One is Better?
Mixing, beating, blending, kneading: a walk in the park for any avid baker or average cook, thanks to his two faithful friends; the hand mixer and the stand mixer. But which one is better? If one is better, should he get rid of the other? Find answers to these and much more.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
To make the most of your ...
Stand Mixer: buy at least one extra bowl with it.
Hand Mixer: get thinner blades with no center rod.
When it comes to functionality, both hand and stand mixers definitely have a tough battle to fight. You simply cannot say that one does a job that the other cannot, because they're both capable of doing everything that they are meant to. The major difference between the two is that a stand mixer comes in two parts: the stand and the bowl, and the hand mixer comprises hand-held, removable beaters. Both types of mixers perform the same functions. Hence, it becomes even more difficult to make a choice. They each outperform the other in different areas. Let's see what they are.
Mixer Wars: Hand Mixer or Stand Mixer
Let the battle begin!
Stand mixer
Stand Mixer: When we talk about the ease of use, a stand mixer is definitely the winner. Let's see why.
  • It has more power than a hand mixer.
  • It requires less physical strain on your part.
  • It works well even for heavier doughs like those of cookies or pie.
  • One of the major bonuses is that it saves you a lot of time! You can go about your business in the kitchen while the stand mixer goes about its own.
Hand mixer
Hand mixer: A hand mixer, though not as strong as its stand counterpart, can mix, blend, and beat just as well. However, it does have some drawbacks.
  • Since it is a hand-held appliance, it constantly needs you. So, you have to dedicate yourself completely to using it.
  • It works well for almost all kinds of batters, but using it for doughs can be a little tricky.
Stand Mixer: Most people who have graduated from a hand mixer to a stand mixer will say that storage is probably one of the few issues that they ever face with it. Because it has two big components, stowing it away in a drawer or overhead shelf is slightly difficult. Hence, most people keep it on the counter at all times. This is OK if it is used on an almost daily basis. However, for people who use a mixer only occasionally, stowing and removing can prove to be quite cumbersome.
Hand Mixer: A hand-held mixer earns major brownie points for its compact structure and easy storage appeal. You can easily stuff it in a drawer or hang it on the inside of your pantry door. You can just hammer a nail above your counter and hang it from there as well. Removing and using it is not difficult at all.
Speed Settings
Stand Mixer: Though there are models that have lesser speed settings, it is advisable to buy a stand mixer that has 5 or more speed settings.

Hand Mixer: A standard basic hand mixer has 3 speed levels: low, medium, and high. More modern ones do have up to 9 settings.
Stand Mixer: Ask yourself this: would you be willing to haul out a bulky appliance just to beat one egg white that your recipe demands? No, right? Hence, even though it can be extremely efficient, sometimes a stand mixer loses out on its convenience quotient. This may answer the question of whether or not to chuck a hand mixer in favor of a stand mixer.
Hand Mixer: So, you whipped out your hand mixer, mixed up all your ingredients for a cake batter in record time, and now need to make batter for a cake in another flavor. Cleaning the blades of a hand mixer can prove to be quite an ordeal, so maybe it's not that convenient after all.
You must be wondering why a major deciding factor like price has been ignored in this comparison. It is very obvious that a stand mixer will be more steeply priced compared to a hand mixer. But does this make it less favorable than a hand mixer? Obviously not. On the other hand, does the low price of a hand mixer mean that it cannot perform its tasks efficiently? Definitely not. The purpose of the mixer in your household should be the most important deciding factor. Hence, after taking all the points mentioned above into consideration, it will be easier to make a purchase that will transform your kitchen woes into wows!