Standard Frame Sizes

Omkar Phatak Oct 9, 2018
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If you need to know the standard sizes of frames used to display photos or art, here we have given some help in that matter. Read to know all about them.
A framed picture or painting is a memory frozen in time. There are various sizes, which you can opt for, if you want to frame your favorite picture or painting.
Presented here are the various standard picture frame sizes available in the market, along with a guide explaining how you could select the appropriate one for yourself.
Be it a painting that captures your imagination or a snap that captures an important moment of your life, framing it and putting it on wall is a great idea. Walls should be adorned with memories and art pieces, so that even standing and staring at a wall in the house is an 'experience'.
Framing a picture or a painting especially, is important, if you want to preserve it and see to it that its beauty is left untouched by the ravages of time. One important thing of course is selecting the right frame size, that suits the dimensions of your picture.
There are many companies which sell frames online. There are professional companies that carry out the job of framing art pieces and photos as such. They can make customized frames for you, which are made to fit your picture or painting.
Then again, if you want decorative frames with gilding or other decorations, they cost even more. What kind of frame will suit a picture, depends on the picture quality and its contents.
The right frame adds class to a picture, while also ensuring its protection. Let us see what are the factors one should take into consideration, while choosing a frame.

How to Choose the Right Frame Size?

Frame sizes are mostly quoted in inches and they refer to the dimensions of the picture or painting that could be framed in them. They do not refer to the actual dimensions of a frame. The actual dimensions are a bit larger than the quoted dimensions, as they include the frame border inside.
Another thing, which you need to know, is that the quoted frame sizes, are always given in 'Width x Height' format. That is, the first value is always the width and the second value is the height in inches.
While choosing a frame, another factor to be taken into consideration is what size will suit the picture. Landscapes tend to look better in large frames. Personal photograph frames tend to look better in smaller sizes.
Of course, in case of paintings, what matters is that you get a frame that fits their size. Many times, we frame prints of an original painting, which can have varying sizes.
So one thing that needs to be taken into consideration, is the size of the picture or painting that you plan to frame, while choosing frame sizes. It is a good idea to even carry a paper or card paper cutout of the actual painting that is going to be framed. That way, you can actually test if the picture fits the frame.

Standard Size Dimensions

Finally, here is a list of standard sizes of frames available in United States of America. You can find companies that can create customized frames according to your requirement, on the internet. Here are the frame sizes in inches that are available in ready-made form.
24" x 30" 12" x 16"
24" x 36" 11" x 14"
20" x 30" 10" x 13"
22" x 28" 9" x 12"
22" x 28" 8.5" x 11"
20" x 30" 8" x 10"
20" x 24" 6" x 8"
18" x 24" 5" x 7"
16" x 20" 4" x 6"
14" x 18" 4" x 5"
The right frame size will bring out the beauty of a picture even more. Choose the sizes that will suit your pictures or paintings the best.
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