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Storage Pods

Storage Pods
Space constraint and optimization of the space at hand are the primary issues most businesses deal with today. Even home relocation demands makeshift storage, and the storage pods are just the answer.
Gaynor Borade
The need for efficient storage is of prime concern to any business and home, especially in the event of relocating. Many times, relocating to another state or country involves keeping things in transit, till you settle in and are ready to relocate the items stored too. In the case of a business, the need to store the items properly emerges every time the issue to check dead stock arises, or when the office is shifted and outdated files and office equipment need to be stacked away. Storage pods are the answer to this requirement and are being marketed within a dedicated industry, complete with complimentary services.
The Concept
These units are specially designed containers that are guaranteed against moisture and mishandling. The containers are well built and can hold items of varying dimensions. The stacked goods could be office equipment or home appliances. The complimentary services offered include a warehouse facility, a lock and key facility, and insurance against damage. However, there are some general rules applicable, which if followed, ensure that the goods within, remain in their original state and stay safe till further use. The 'content protection program' offered by the dealers should be secured for optimum service.
The Process
First and foremost, irrespective of what is being stored in these very versatile containers, an inventory list of all the items intended to be stored should be created. The dealers make available add-ons like moving pads, sheets, bubble wrap, and other packing material, that you can avail of to secure the items within. There are transparent, clear containers available, too, and should ideally be considered over the non-transparent ones. They are available in various sizes, and there is hardly a requirement, which is not met by these containers. Once labeled, the containers are very easy to identify and the items can be extracted as and when required.
These units are effectively used to keep away furniture too. A little oiling of the wooden pieces, and disassembling of the larger items helps to save space and optimize the use of the container for other items too. The dealers also help you to procure cushion foam and paper wads to meet the appropriate requirements of electronic goods. The units are mildew-resistant, and hence, safe for stacking important documents, too. There are special containers designed for the storage of crystal and china. These bins come equipped with built-in dividers. They can also be used to stack clothing, and with a liberal sprinkle of anti-moth balls, they stay clean and smell fresh for long.
They can be effectively stacked at either a site you own or have access to personally, or they can be stored at the special centers that the dealers provide. In case you intend to store the pod within a deed-restricted community, you need to access and review the set Home Owner Association's paradigms related to the placement. The bins meet the requirements of most of the local ordinances on storage of articles. However, it is good to double check. They can be stored for days, months, or even years. The weather resistant containers can actually withstand a wind velocity of approximately 110 miles per hour!
There are a number of online resources that enable you to access the services of good dealers, to meet the needs of your home or office relocation. As far as the security of the articles stored within the bins is concerned, there is absolutely no need to worry, since the only key to the lock on the container is with you. The special delivery trucks are custom fitted with patented lift systems to ensure that while stacking the items, there is no likelihood of damage. All the centers are equipped with sophisticated security systems, eliminating the risk of loss.
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