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Talcum Powder Uses

Rajib Singha Nov 30, 2018
Talcum powder is helpful for more than just soothing the diaper rash of babies. Come let us know about the other uses of this soft stuff from this piece...
Talcum powder is nothing but the powdered form of talc; the softest mineral known to exist on earth that tops the list on the Mohs hardness scale. This powder is primarily used for its moisture absorbing properties, although there are other uses too. Use of talcum powder comes in handy...

What is Talcum Powder Good for?

For Babies Troubled with Diaper Rash

Talcum powder is one of the common products used by parents to reduce rash and irritation caused by diapers. As this product is a moisture absorber, it helps to keep the skin dry.
This is especially important in the case of babies who are prone to develop rashes from urine. So, talcum powder minimizes the risk of rashes and increases comfort in hot weather.

For Sportsmen

Most athletes make use of the powder before suiting up. This helps them to get rid of sweat and reduce discomfort. Women may also use it to avoid chafing between their thighs while wearing skirts. The same is also used to prevent skin irritation after shaving.
Summer months can be extremely uncomfortable, especially when the bed sheets feel hot and sticky. Manage this problem by getting some talcum powder between the sheets to help it absorb perspiration and let you sleep in comfort.

For Unknotting

Use of talcum powder is not limited to cosmetics. The product is also used for a variety of other purposes. One common example is using the powder to untie a hard knot of a shoelace and to untangle jewelry chains too.

For Squeaky Stuffs

If you are bothered with squeaky floorboards, then do not be anymore. Just sprinkle some powder on the noisy area and let it do its work to cut down the friction and finally the squeak.

For Grease-Stained Apparels

You have a fine looking polyester shirt or blouse, but you can't wear it because of that lousy, ugly grease stain! Before you think of doing away with the cloth for good, give your talcum powder a shot.
Try sprinkling some of the powder directly onto the spot. Thereafter, rub it with your fingers and give it 24 hours. Use a brush to gently rub the powder off and with a couple of repetitions, the stain will be gone and your apparel will be as good as new.

For Grease-Stained Carpets

A greasy stain can not only give you a tough time to your clothes, but also to your carpet. So, relieve your carpet of the stubborn stain by covering the affected area with talcum powder, and give it a wait of 6 hours.
Over time, the powder will absorb the grease, and then you can vacuum the stain away. In a similar way, you can also take care of any bloodstains from clothing or furniture. Make a mix of the powder and water, and work it on the ugly spot. Let it dry before you brush the stain away.

For Pesky Ants

For ants' infestation, get this powder and sprinkle it around the foundations of the house. Look out for openings, crevices or paths which the ants trod upon, cover them with the powder. Blow some talcum powder on old books to protect them from mildew.
But there is a catch! As mentioned earlier, when it comes to usage of talcum powder, the first thing that comes to mind is summer, sweat, rash and especially diaper rash. According to what Dr. Jo Ann Rohyans MD (Pediatrician - Columbus, OH) and Dr. Jennifer Shu MD (Pediatrician - Atlanta, GA) have to say, you may be forced to think otherwise.
According to these medical experts, products such as the talc-based powders, although may look or feel good, may be hazardous to health, especially to babies. Given the minute size of the powder particles, they may be easily inhaled, and this may interfere with normal breathing and even cause severe lung damage.
To add to this, Rohyans is also with the opinion that the benefit of using talcum powder to treat or prevent diaper rash, does not have any evidence to back it up. So what most pediatricians recommend is the use of powders with a cornstarch base, but that too, sparingly and with caution.
If we consider the views of the pediatricians earlier, then use of talcum powder for baby skin care may not be a good idea after all. But for the other applications, we have a green signal. The only precaution to be taken is to ensure that you don't inhale the powder too often while using it.