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The 3 Best Rooms to Renovate in Your Home

These are the 3 best ideas for rooms to renovate in your home for the highest returns on investment.
Thomas Wright Oct 16, 2019
One of the best ways of increasing monetary value of your home is to renovate the house. There are many home renovation ideas that offer better return than others. If you are planning to sell the house, you should consider all these renovation ideas and pick the best one.

1. The Bathroom

Bathroom has an important role in every home. This is a private area where people love spending time. There are people who spend hours lying in the bathtub and those who sit for extended periods in their toilet seat reading newspapers or browsing web on phones.
By renovating the bathroom, you can expect to recoup more than 100% of the money invested. Consider changing tiles on the wall and floor as well as upgrading the toilet. You can add a urinal in the bathroom if you do not have one. Installing a new shower head is also a nice idea.

2. The Kitchen

Kitchen is the second-best room to renovate in any house. According to industry experts, kitchen remodeling or renovation projects can pay off 60-120% of investment. You can install a new kitchen sink and replace the counter top. You can also repaint the walls to give it a new look.

3. The Living Room

There are many ways to renovate the living room. For starters, you can upgrade the flooring. If you have ceramic floor tiles on the floor, you can think of installing hardwood flooring, which not only looks great but has great insulation properties.
If you have a fireplace in the living room, consider upgrading the hearth. You can use new, but similar materials to give the fireplace a new look and enhance the aesthetic value of your home. Installing double-glazed windows in the living room, and around the house is a great idea.

Hiring a Home Renovation Contractor

To get the best outcomes, consider hiring a qualified contractor to carry out the home renovation works. There are key factors to consider when comparing contractors.

i) Licensing

The contractor should have a valid license to handle renovation projects. The license must be issued by your state of residence. Its expiry date should also be checked. Licensed contractors should meet all minimum needs to work in the industry, to be qualified to handle the job.

ii) Insurance and Bond

Only firms with a valid insurance policy and performance bond should be accorded any consideration. This is because you want to be protected from liabilities arising from injuries, substandard work, property damage and delays in completing the project. Be sure to compare estimates, experiences, and portfolios before making a decision.