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Things to Remember when Moving

Things to Remember when Moving

A list of things to remember when moving is a helpful thing. Read on to know more about what moving from your present abode cleanly means.
HomeQuicks Staff
Leaving from a place where one has put his roots, however briefly, is not an easy thing. Moreover, most of the time, he or she accomplishes a successful physical move, with the old place lingering and popping now and then in the memory lanes. When one moves, it happens more often than not, that he or she has forgotten to empty one of the drawer of the desk or carry some important document. If you are contemplating changing your address once again, because of whatever reasons you may have, don't overlook the following list of things to remember when moving. You should aim for tiding all the strings this time, so as to arrive at the new place with a clean break.

Moving Checklist

"No man is an island!", is a quotation by John Donne, which fits the modern man like a glove. Your credit card companies, post office, insurance, and mobile service providers and all such entities represents your lifelines. Your move, may it be to a nearby or far away city, another state or to a country on some other continent, must be accomplished systematically, fully concentrating on restoring these lifelines in the new place. As the saying goes, "Plan the work and work the plan!", making a moving checklist and following it, is of at most priority.

Change of Address
This is an item that must be accomplished before the moving day. You must provide your new address to your local post office, credit card issuers, and insurance providers, so that they can arrange to provide their service to you in the place where you are moving. Equally important is to furnish your family members and friends with your new address.

Meet your bank officials to transfer your account to one of their branch in the new place, as early as possible after your moving date. If your account does not have the facility of Internet banking, it is high time to do so. Remove your items from the safety deposit box and end it's lease.

Services, such as gas, water, telephone (land line), and cable need to be discontinued. Inform these parties well in advance about the date on which you have planned to move on, so that, you can settle your business with them.

If you are a member of any organization, such as a church, inquire about how you can be associated with it in the place you are moving to. Take introductory letters from them.

Schools and Medical Records
These are essential items to have copies of. School records will be needed while registering your children in schools while medical records will help a doctor in providing proper care to you as well as your family.

Pack all the things you have decided to take to your new house. List the items according to the boxes they are packed in and mark the boxes so as to easily locate the items as and when they are required. Hire a reliable packing and moving company or a cheap truck rental according to your needs and supply it your time schedule.

Decide whether you are going carry items such as jewelry, documents such as shares and bonds, and valuable things such as antiques on your own, or send them by registered mail. Arrange for it well in advance, in addition to arranging its insurance.

The most important thing you will be needing in the new place is money. Carry some of it in cash and travelers checks.

Family Pet
Arrange for its transport as well as for copies of its medical records. After moving to your new house, as soon as possible visit the local authorities about its license.

New House
Give priority to arrange for medical services and a bank account. Check for the necessary utilities such as gas, water, telephone, and get advice from a reliable source on whom to contact to for installation of cable TV, Internet and such things.

Driving License
If you are moving out of your state, get your driving license updated and address changed.

Arrange Transport
Doing this, a must do thing, in time may mean a lot to your family, if you have children. Pay a good deal of time to ensure their well fare. Place it at the top of the things that you have to do when moving list to make the start of your move a pleasant one.

When it is decided that you're moving, there are so many things to consider, loans to pay, credits to recover, and things to take with you. In the midst of all these hurricane activities don't forget to send goodbye greetings to your close ones and collect some goodwill.