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Things You Should Know Before Cleaning Home Furniture

Matt Thompson Dec 24, 2019
Even if you manage to dust and shine your wooden furniture on a regular basis, over time varnishes and dust will form a black layer over the tables, chairs, and shelves. For your furniture to be optimally clean, you must perform a proper thorough cleaning. Wooden furniture can be cleaned without any damage done to them.
First, start with dusting the furniture to remove dirt from upper layer. Then, you can remove light stains. Start with a soft cleaning agent targeted towards furniture cleaning. You can move up to the stronger cleaning products later if necessary.
You can mix water and dish cleaning soap and soak a cloth in the solution. Soft cloth should be used and water should be wrung out. You can proceed to wipe the piece of furniture with the damp cloth.
You want to have a damp cloth that’s not fully wet. Saturating the wood of the furniture by frequent rinses can prove harmful. Take a while as you clean the piece with the cloth and let the piece dry completely.
How do you clean furniture that has stains or other unwanted substances without harming the furniture?

Removal of Water Stains

Let’s show you how to remove water residue from wood caused by someone putting a hot or cold drink cup directly on a table. You start by applying some toothpaste that has no gel and rubbing it with a soft cloth. Keep rubbing in a circular motion until the stain is removed.
Mix a balanced amount of baking soda and toothpaste to create a solution for removing stubborn stains. After the removal of the stain, proceed to clean the remaining toothpaste with a clean cloth and dry the piece of furniture well.

Old Polish Removal

If you can clean old wooden furniture that has accumulated enamel for decades, you can revive an antique. Start by boiling water and soaking two tea bags. When the tea has cooled down to room temperature, take a soft cloth preferably microfiber cloth and soak it in the tea until damp. Start cleaning the wood furniture with damp cloth.

Difficult Mark Removal

Add a tablespoon of water and baking soda and make a thin paste. Apply the paste over the stain and start rubbing with a soft cloth. Rub gently without putting unnecessary force. Rub until the stain has disappeared. Wipe the remaining paste with a clean cloth. Let the piece dry completely.

Why Should You Consider Hiring Professionals

I had firsthand experience of how things can turn out if you don’t know how to clean your furniture properly. Wooden furniture requires a different cleaning process than metal frame furniture and the process is vastly different from each material.
Back then, I ended up putting scratches all over my new furniture. It happened because I used a harsh cloth and chose the wrong cleaning method. Although I bought the furniture with a great discount by using AHF Discount Code, I still felt horrible afterward. Know what you are doing. Professionals extend the life of the furniture you own.