Keeping Ticks Out of Your Home

Sonia Nair Apr 14, 2019
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Your pets may bring ticks inside the house, and sometimes these parasites spread rapidly, leading to an infestation. Here are some tips to eliminate ticks in house.
Ticks are bloodsucking parasites that feed on the blood of mammals and birds. These arachnids are usually found among tall grass and shrubs. As they lack the ability to fly, ticks just drop on the hosts when the latter pass through such tall vegetation.
Tick infestation is common in dogs, especially those who wander outdoors for long periods. Usually, ticks are not found inside houses, but the pet dog or other inhabitants may carry some ticks inside, and they may reproduce and spread rapidly. In such cases, immediate measures must be taken to get rid of ticks in the house.
Being bloodsucking parasites, ticks can bite the inhabitants; and cause symptoms, like itching, burning and pain. They are vectors of diseases, like Lyme disease, Q fever, Colorado tick fever, tularemia, tick-borne relapsing fever, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and canine jaundice.
Though transmission of diseases is not common, tick bites can sometimes lead to such serious conditions. In order to get rid of house ticks, you have to adopt a multipronged strategy to eliminate ticks and to prevent re-infestation.

House Tick Controlling Measures

In order to eliminate ticks from the house, you have to use pesticides, especially those which are meant for ticks and fleas. Spray these chemicals both indoors and outdoors.
As ticks are more likely to hide inside cracks and crevices, target such places. Even the baseboards, furniture, carpets, rugs, flooring beneath furniture, and flooring adjacent to the walls should not be spared.
As ticks may crawl to certain heights, you have to treat the walls and other vertical surfaces up to a height of around three to four feet. Make sure to use those chemical products that are certified as safe for interior use. Treat the yard and nearby areas with pesticides.
Treat your pets with proper tick-killing products, as prescribed by the vet. In case of severe infestation, quarantine the pet till the treatment is complete. You may also use flea collars to keep ticks away from your pet dog. 
Dog bedding infested with ticks can be discarded after applying pesticides, or can be used after washing in hot water. Single use of chemicals may not achieve any positive results in some cases. So, apply these products at regular intervals, so as to kill both ticks and their eggs.
You have to cut tall grass and other shrubs that grow in your yard and surrounding areas. Vacuum the house at regular intervals, and dispose the vacuum bag properly. Concentrate on locations that are frequented by your pets. 
In short, eliminating fleas and ticks in house is not a difficult task, if you undertake it regularly and seriously. House ticks are rare, but if noticed, get rid of them at the earliest.
However, exercise extreme caution, while using chemicals. Keep children and pets away, and make sure that the house is well ventilated. You may also hire pest control professionals for this purpose.