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4 Tips for Buying a Refrigerator You Can't Afford to Overlook

Tips for Buying a Refrigerator
The refrigerator has become an essential commodity for every house these days. But the task of choosing the best one for your house can be overwhelming because of the wide range of latest refrigerators in the market. This post is meant to make your choice easier and better. Keep reading to get the tips for buying a refrigerator.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
A refrigerator is a one time investment in life. You expect a refrigerator to stay with you for a few years and of course, remain in a good condition. You are ready to spend some extra bucks, but the product should not develop any complications during its lifetime. You should also ensure you buy the right one by spending the right amount of time in learning about the maximum varieties available on the market list. Some people are so excited to buy new things that they often tend to go by the look of the product, neglecting its features and drawbacks. I am sure, you are not one of them. So let us learn what to look for when purchasing a refrigerator.
Factors to be Considered
The following tips will also include the types of refrigerators, their efficiency and other such factors to consider while buying a refrigerator.
Storage Capacity
Couple looking refrigerator
The first thing you should consider is the fridge's storage capacity according to the size of your family. If yours is a small family, you should buy a refrigerator with the storage capacity of not more than 20 cubic feet and if it is a large family, around 28 cubic feet storage capacity will be sufficient. There are some cases where the family is small but there are frequent visitors. In such cases, you will surely need a larger appliance.
Refrigerator in kitchen
The second and often forgotten thing to do is to measure the area where your appliance will be placed, once it comes home. You might feel it is pretty obvious to take measurements and all, but as it is so obvious, it might be overlooked. The advantages of prior measurements of the area are, the refrigerator fits into the space perfectly which saves your money on extra charges for installation. Make sure that you measure width, height and the depth of the space. It is always better to take grace measurements, because if you find a size bigger than your measurements and if it is worth buying, you should not hesitate to purchase it.
Energy Efficiency
Refrigerators are appliances that use the maximum energy as compared to other appliances in your kitchen because they are always on. They also use a large amount of energy to cool the food items and keep them fresh for which it requires more electricity. What can make a refrigerator energy-efficient? There are two things that can make an energy-efficient refrigerator, heavy door hinges and the 'energy saver' switch. The heavy door hinges create a better seal for the door which prevents cool air from escaping outside. The 'energy saver' switch is mostly found on refrigerator models that have a built-in freezer. When you switch on the button, the 'anti-sweat heaters' are turned off. This can reduce energy consumption levels to a great extent.
Style refrigerator
While looking for the style of your refrigerator, always consider the space limitations and then proceed. For example, if you have limited space and a Side by Side model, you may face difficulties in opening and closing the doors. It has a freezer on one side and the refrigerator on the other. These are expensive refrigerator models. A Top Mount model has a freezer on the top, sometimes with a separate door and sometimes not.
It is the least expensive refrigerator style which does not require much repairing. A Bottom Mount model or a Bottom Freezer has a drawer/shelf at the bottom which acts as a freezer. For those who want fresh food at their eye level, this model is the most suitable. Like the top mount model, it cools evenly and uses less energy for the cooling process.

A French Door refrigerator has a freezer at the bottom and two refrigerator sections on top. It is the combination of the Side by Side and Bottom Mount Freezer models. It is free of all the disadvantages that a side by side model has, like space. It requires lesser space than the side by side model and even its compartments are broader. The most important thing about a French Door model is that, you can open only one door which restricts outward passage of cool air. You can choose any one of these models as per your need.
That's it. Once you are done with all these important considerations, you are ready to head to the stores and look for the best refrigerator that satisfies your need as well as fits in your budget.