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Tips for Choosing a Portable Storage Vendor

Tips for Choosing a Portable Storage Vendor
Portable storage is a new concept that is gaining popularity. Here are some tips to help you choose a portable storage vendor.
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Portable storage containers simplify life! These containers serve as a good option because they not only help you while shifting, but can also be used to store things all throughout the year. Portable storage units and containers are a godsend!
There are three options that you can consider when you plan to buy a portable storage container.
This is an option that you can consider when you are planning to use the portable storage containers for a few days or weeks. When renting, you can deduct the fees from your taxes. Renting is expensive if you keep the unit longer than you had planned.
Buying is a good alternative if you can afford it. If you have no use for the containers later, you can either use it to store other items or resell. You will get a good price for it because storage containers depreciate slowly.
If you do not have money to pay upfront, then leasing is a good option. Leasing allows you to spread the costs over a period of time and then purchase the container later with a final nominal payment. Do remember that with leasing you pay more than the purchase price because of the interest.
Choosing a Portable Storage Vendor
It is important to first acquaint yourself with the portable storage container industry, which consists of both small and large companies. These companies resell units from wholesalers, industry associations, and leasing companies. Some of the portable storage vendors might also deal in other purchases such as prefabricated constructions and office trailers!
Choosing a portable storage vendor involves getting the most out of what you plan to spend; follow the steps below to get value for money.
  • While deciding the vendor, it is important to take into consideration the proximity, because delivery charges are based on distance; this is one of the most competitive aspects of the industry. Thus, if possible look for a vendor that is within 25 to 75 miles from your location.
  • Try and check out the vendor's inventory in person. To get a better idea of how the vendor works, take a tour of the facility.
  • Apart from the other two points, you also need to check the knowledge the vendor has about the industry. Knowing how long they have been in the business would be an indicator of how good his customer relations are.
  • Go ahead and ask your vendor for references if you need help selecting a vendor out of several in the market. Request him to give you references in a similar business as yours.
What Kind of Questions Do I Ask the References?
Some of the things you can ask them about are:
  • What was the condition of the containers when they were delivered to you?
  • Were there any unexpected charges on the bill?
  • How long did it take for them to deliver the container?
  • Did the vendor help you with all your concerns?
  • Were any add-ons, like shelves, lockboxes, and ramps required?
  • Was the vendor quick to address any problems that you had?
  • Would you use the services of this vendor again?
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