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Tips for Cleaning a Crystal Chandelier

Zoey Fawell Dec 19, 2019
The beauty of the crystal chandelier lighting is undeniable, and it brings luxury to the living space. Because it is a delicate piece, you need to be careful when cleaning. Here are some tips on cleaning a chandelier.

Use the Right Product

The best products for this cleaning are those based on water or neutral compositions. Avoid any product that is abrasive or has aggressive substances in the composition as they may darken the chandelier.

Safety Precautions

To avoid the risk of accidents, always switch off the power plug before cleaning. Please wait for the lamps to cool, then remove them and begin the procedure. Remove any nearby objects that may interfere with the process.

Details Matter

If you are disassembling the chandelier for cleaning, it's worthwhile to record a picture of it in the photo to remember at the time of assembly. To avoid losing any part, such as small prisms, it's interesting to place a large sheet or cloth under the chandelier.

Clean Procedure for Spotless Chandeliers

The cleaning procedure to keep your Crystal Chandeliers Lighting always clean and spotless is more straightforward than you might think. Remembering that everything calls for delicacy, for the fragility of the piece.
First, use a clean, flannel-like cloth or duster to remove dust accumulated on the part. Then, with a damp cloth that is clean and soft, the strongest dirt is cleaned using the chosen product.
Cleaning should be done to bypass the chandelier so that all crystals are cleaned, always placing the product on the cloth before and never on the piece. No turning the chandelier to clean the other part. It is best to go down the ladder and up again after positioning the ladder at the correct point.
After cleaning, let it dry, if any particles remain, wipe the surface dry to finish. If it is a larger chandelier, you may need to disassemble it to clean. In this case, it is good to have a place for dirty crystals and another for clean ones, such as plastic containers or towels on a table or counter.
Partial cleaning can be done by returning the glasses in place after cleaning them. For the structure, a cloth with soap and water may be used. The wire part asks for specific products as they should not get wet.