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Tips For Protecting Your Flooring And Carpets When Moving

Austin Winder Aug 23, 2019
It can be easy to forget about protecting floors when you're so concerned about moving homes to begin with. But ignoring these safety precautions could decrease your property value and cause a lot of trouble while selling your home.
One of the challenges when moving in or out of a home are the steps to take to protect the floor from damage. Whether you install brand new carpet or flooring to entice buyers or have original flooring that is unique and beautiful, you want to ensure there are no scuffs, dents or scratches while you try to move.
If you don't take proper steps to protect your carpet or flooring, you may end up causing damage that will cost you money or lower the value of a home you're trying to sell. With some tips you can protect your floors when you are moving in or out of a home.

Use Furniture Blankets

When you are planning a move, investing in some furniture blankets is one of the best moving tips you can have. They come in a variety of sizes and are thick enough to protect your furniture flooring from scratches and dents. Furniture blankets can also be used when placing items in storage or for protecting your belongings during a remodel.

Use Furniture Sliders

Instead of dragging large, heavy furniture, consider using furniture sliders. Sliders come in different styles so you may slide over the carpet or hard flooring easily. Dragging furniture may scratch and scrape the flooring or rip the carpet.
If you're not able to use sliders over hard flooring, try taping wash rags or towels to the furniture legs before you move the furniture. When sliding over the carpet, taping thick cardboard to the legs can work well.

Don't Skimp On Good Moving Boxes And Tape

Be sure to use thick, sturdy boxes when moving. If you overpack a box, the contents may drop out and damage your floors. Be sure your boxes are taped securely before adding contents.

Use A Dolly

A moving dolly is perfect for carrying larger pieces of furniture with ease. The less you struggle with furniture and heavy appliances, the less likely you will be to drop them on the floor and cause dents and scratches. The dolly can also be great for moving quicker and putting less strain on your body.

Cover Flooring During Move

During a move, dirt, dust, and debris are all going to get kicked up into the air. These things can settle onto your carpet or hardwood and cause scratches and scrapes whenever someone tries to clean them. That debris can also collect and stain or age your carpets if not careful.
A quick and easy way to protect the carpet and flooring is to lay down blankets or sheets to protect from scuffs and scrapes. You may use self-adhesive film that can be stuck to the carpet for instant waterproof, stain-proof covering. The film will not ruin the carpet or flooring and can be removed and discarded later.

Use Proper Shoe Protectors

While walking in and out of your home, mud and debris get on your shoes. While it's inconvenient to remove your shoes each time you come in, having a doormat in front of the door can lessen the amount of dirt brought inside. You may use shoe booties to protect staining or make a path of plastic to walk on.
Follow these tips so that nothing gets destroyed during the process. Take time to ensure that your floors remain protected from large furniture, muddy shoes and heavy boxes. Moving day can be stressful enough without worrying about causing extra damage to your home in the meantime. Take the necessary steps to ensure the move is a successful one.