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Tips for Replacing a Sliding Glass Door

Tips for Replacing a Sliding Glass Door

If you wish to replace your old or damaged sliding glass door, then go through the following tips.
Reshma Jirage
A clear sliding glass door can be an appealing addition to your home decor, allowing more access to fresh air and light in the home, as well as providing an eye-catching view of a beautiful patio garden. The bypass sliding glass door is the most commonly used type, while the folding sliding ones are a popular option. Sliding doors can also be used as secondary doors, and can be installed outside or inside the existing door.

Sometimes, you may choose to replace an old sliding door with a new one, or a modern vinyl frame sliding door or French door for home improvement. Replacing the old ones with the latest varieties is a unique way to impart a modern and stylish look to your home interior. There are a number of companies that provide replacement services, but you can also install it yourself.

Useful Tips

Before replacing the door, you have to take measurements for the replacement one. Measure across the top, center, and bottom of the door frame. Keep in mind the smallest dimension. Then, the measurements should be taken at the point where the frame ends and the plaster or drywall starts. When all the measurements are taken, check for the narrowest one and subtract ¾th inch from it. The resultant value will be the width of the new door. Now, take the measurements of the height. Measure the right, left, and center side from the ground. Subtract ½thinch from the narrowest dimensions. The figure you obtain will be the height of your new door. The next thing you need to decide is whether to install a retrofit or a replacement frame. If you choose to install the former, then there will be no need to trim the outside. If you want to use the latter, then outside trimming becomes essential. Materials like vinyl or wood can be used for the replacement frame.

Removal Methodology: While removing the old door, firstly, you have to remove the stationary and the sliding panels by lifting them up. Take them out of the track, and lift out the glass sliders in the same way. Look for the brackets that hold the stationary panel and unscrew them. After this, unscrew the frame using a drill, and detach it from the wall. Then, you have to remove the side jambs without damaging the exterior material. Remove the interior molding and the exterior facing of the door using the pry bar.

Installation Methodology: Before installing a new glass sliding door, first check the floor level. If it is not proper, then you can add shims to make an adequate base level. Make sure that the head jamb is straight across the width of the unit. Place two 3" drywall screws on both sides above the top hinges. The gap between the head jamb and the doors should be checked to ensure whether it is even, across the entire width. Following this, fix the hinge jamb using two 3" drywall screws. Take off any pre-hanging braces or clips, and make sure that both the glass doors operate properly. While setting the door in place, lift it and set its bottom on the top of the shims. From inside the house, place the glass into the gap between the wall framing and door jamb. On the outside, caulk around the brick mold.