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Tips for Turning Your Home Into a Rental Property

Zoey Fawell Jan 13, 2020
Decorating somewhere you’re renting out to tenants can be a difficult job, this is because everyone has individual taste when it comes to décor and you never know what your potential renters will like.
Plus, decorating a property in the wrong way can not only cause rental issues in future but it can sometimes deter people from viewing your property altogether.

As a landlord and investor, you want your decorating to be cost-effective and durable enough to withstand whatever tenants might do while they're living in the property.
whether you're a first-time landlord or an experienced investor, you still need some guidance to ensure your property is appealing and can be customised by your tenants.

Afterall, it’s essential to consider that tenants will want to make the rented place their own and add a personal touch (even though there are certain limits).
Throughout this guide there will be lots of interesting information around decorating your rental property to boost its appeal and keep the tenant requests rolling in. This is sure to happen if you have a property in a good location with affordable monthly prices.
Here is a quick list of ways to decorate your rental property so you never have to worry about advertising your place again, it will simply sell itself!

Keep it Minimalistic

Think neutral colours like beautifully plain white or very light grey when painting the walls of your property. We'd suggest opting for a water-resistant paint in most rooms, as this ensures any spills or marks on walls can be easily repaired and cleaned up.
A good tip is to buy too many pots of paint when you’re purchasing them as you need to ensure the batch is the same colour. Despite colour codes on paints being the same, it's often an occurrence that they will be a slightly different colour due to mixing issues.
This is why stocking up on spare paint will mean you're able to do touch-ups whenever you need to. Plus, if at the end of the tenancy your tenants have left marks on walls, you can cover these up easily.
Minimalistic colours should to be paired with simple yet sleek furniture such as those displayed in apartments offered by RWinvest.
The property experts have countless apartments throughout the UK that come furnished with the most modern pieces of furniture and are always painted neutrally. If you’re looking for any inspiration you should take a look at some of their modern developments available before decorating.

Don’t Choose Expensive Furnishings

While your own home may benefit from expensive sideboards and extravagant bed frames, a tenanted property should keep it simple and affordable.
There is no reason for lavish fixtures and fittings as it often doesn’t make a difference to how much you charge – if you’re offering a furnished apartment or house then it will only go for this price, the cost of furniture is not considered.
Ikea, Dunelm and Wayfair are just a few places that sell affordable yet beautifully finished furnishings. The essential thing here is not overthinking the furniture you’re putting into your property.

Opt for Laminate Flooring Rather than Carpets

In the kitchens, bathrooms and hallways always choose laminate flooring over carpets. Why? Because laminate is easy to clean and good quality flooring shouldn’t rip or wear over time.
Carpets can be used in the bedrooms if you want, as this creates a more cosy and homely feeling, but carpet can sometimes cause issues with tenants.
Spillages and marks on carpets can be accidental but replacing them is still essential when a tenancy has ended – while they might be paying for this from their deposit, you’re still the one who needs to get the old carpet removed and the new stuff fitted.
Sometimes people recommend laminate flooring throughout the entirety of a rented property which is also something we would suggest if you’re worried about carpet getting damaged.