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Tips to Buy Safety Glasses That are Suitable and Comfortable

Shalu Bhatti May 13, 2019
If you are working in an environment where wearing safety glasses is a must, then you must not neglect the norms and get one for yourself as soon as possible. We will give you some essential tips to buy safety glasses and keep your eyes safe from the surrounding threats.
No matter where we are and what we do, the first and foremost concern that arises in our mind is safety. Speaking of the importance of safety glasses, it is a must when it comes to taking care of your eyes, the very same eyes that are the door to see and perceive the beauty of this world.
You need to be cautious about eye safety, especially when you are working in an environment which requires you to protect them. Some examples for jobs that need their employees to wear safety glasses includes the construction work, to save their eyes from the pollutants and allergens.
Doctors and nurses should also wear safety glasses to safeguard themselves from harmful bacteria and viruses that can enter the eyes and cause infection; people who are working under the Sun and heat should also wear safety glasses. The kind of glasses you would want to buy completely depends upon your job and the kind of safety you are looking for.

Important Tips to Buy Safety Glasses

There are various types of safety glasses available in the market. Some examples for the same would be Magnifying safety glasses, Military safety sunglasses, Contractor and Construction safety glasses, Polarized safety glasses, and so on.
Their individual names are enough to explain you how each one is different from the other. There are also various brands available in the market including Ono, Harley Davidson, AOSafety, Allsafe, and many more.
No matter what brand you choose and what type of safety glasses you go for, make sure that you meet the standards issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Given here are some effective tips for you to ensure that you end up buying the right safety glasses for yourself or your employees.

Visit an Eye Expert

Before you go for buying safety glasses on a prescription that was given to you ages ago, stop, and think. Would the condition of your eyes be still the same? In case you are going forward with prescription safety glasses, meeting up with an eye expert and then going forward with the safety glasses is a must.

Look for Durability and Not Style

The next most important tip when it comes to buying safety glasses is that one must always focus on the quality, durability and customer feedback on those glasses. There are a variety of options available in the market. You will find brands that are good with quality but are also heavy on the pocket.
While some brands may be stylish and cheap, but are not up to the mark when it comes to durability. So, check all your options and check for the customer rating of the safety glasses options that you are considering. Make sure that when it comes to the money and the quality, go for quality as there is nothing more important than your health and safety.

Check for Pupillary Distance and Head Dimensions

Another important consideration before you go ahead and purchase your safety glasses is that you should be very particular about the pupillary distance (in case of prescription safety glasses) and the dimensions of your head.
If your employer ended up giving you a safety glass which is a total misfit, you know how irritating it is to work with them! Which is why, in order to work in peace, employees have no other option rather than working without safety glasses. So be very particular about comfortable fitting to ensure you can work with ease.

Look for Certification and Coding

Do you remember the mention about the safety standards by OSHA? If you are going to buy safety glasses approved by OSHA, then you must look for a code 'Z-87 Certification' present either on the lens or the temple piece. So always check for the coding. Likewise, each brand has a unique coding based on the specific safety glasses suitable for a particular job.

Be Present While Purchasing

Though online purchasing is a popular choice these days, it is advised that you should be present while purchasing your safety glasses so that you can thoroughly evaluate all the aforementioned criteria.
Check the coding, the fitting, check the certification, and whether your eyes and head feel comfortable while wearing them. Also check for a good return policy of the company or brand that you are going for, just in case.
Many a times it happens that the employer advises the employees to wear safety glasses, but because the employees do not find it necessary, or find it difficult to use, they prefer working without wearing them. The details here on how to use safety glasses will help you to know how you should make the best use of these glasses for your health and protection.
There are a lot of threats, both seen and unseen, that can affect us. Eyes being the only organ that shows us how beautiful the world is, they should be protected and cared for at all costs, even if it takes a good quality and a little expensive safety glass. Take care and have a safe tomorrow.