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Tips to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

Tips to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

Sometimes all you need is a bit of elbow grease and water to clean stuff. But with exclusive and delicate furniture like crystal chandeliers, there's a little (actually a lot!) more to the cleaning process. Scroll below for an extensive look at a chandelier cleaning procedure.
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An important part of home décor is lighting or the fixings that provide light. A few lamps or lights can turn even the most boring of rooms into a ballroom and vice versa. The classiest, most elegant and perhaps the most expensive of all light fixings, is a crystal chandelier. These white beauties are the epitome of poshness and a status symbol on their own. For those fortunate enough to have a crystal chandelier hanging in their boudoirs, dining rooms or halls, care and maintenance of such furniture should be done carefully and once-in-a-while. At least once or twice a year or for an occasion, the chandelier should be cleaned to sparkle in all its glory.

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

Turn off the electricity to the chandelier. Use another light connected at a different power outlet. Move any other pieces of furniture, such as tables or chairs or stools. Let the bulbs or crystals cool down before cleaning.

Spread a thick, washable cloth, quilt or towel on the floor beneath the chandelier, to catch any falling parts. Then spread a sheet of plastic to catch drips and dust from dirtying your floor.

Do not climb on tables or chairs to reach the chandelier. Use a ladder, that to one which is high enough to reach at least mid-way. Do not use a short ladder, where you have to climb on the topmost 2 steps to clean the chandelier.

Cleaning a Crystal Chandelier by Disassembling its Parts

I. This method involves disassembling or taking apart the removable parts of the chandelier. You will also need to clean the fixture, once the parts are removed. This is considered the best way to clean a crystal chandelier and is a very thorough mechanism.

II. If you are removing the parts, make of which part you took out of where. This is for fixing back the chandelier. It may look very compact and simple to assemble but chandeliers can be tricky, you may not remember which crystal goes where. Refer to the chandelier's manual or reference material. You can also take a close-up photo of the chandelier or record a video of how you took out each part.

III. Unscrew parts gently and then place them, trimmings and screws in a container. Bulbs or pendants in a plastic colander or on a soft towel. First each part needs to be dusted with a cloth. Use a lint-free, microfiber, flannel or cotton soft cloth and gently wipe away any dust or dirt on the part. Place each piece back into the plastic container or on a towel.

IV. You can use a crystal cleaner to clean the parts. Please refer to the chandelier's material or consult the manufacturer, prior to using a cleaner as its effect on the crystal could be harmful. Do not use glass cleaner to clean the crystal parts.

V. Spray a cloth with cleaner till it is quite moist, then wipe a crystal clean and buff with dry cloth. Be careful to wipe away spots and polish dry each crystal such that it shines. Use gloves or a cloth to hold them while drying.

VI. Another way is to wash the pendants with hot water and a little dish washing powder. If spots are present, wipe off with cloth. Rinse and repeat wash. Place pendants in colander to drip dry. The hotter the water, the easier the spots wipe off. Also do not use harsh, highly chemicalized soaps or powders, as they could damage the part. You can even use a little white vinegar, ammonia or methylated spirit in the rinsing water, for a sparkle.

VII. Time to clean the fixture. First dust off the arms with a rag. You can use a hair dryer or blower to blow off the dust but watch the heat. Use a chandelier or glass cleaner and spray generously on a lint-free cloth. You can use a homemade cleaner solution of hot water and white vinegar. Wring the cloth dry, then wipe down the arms. For each part, dip or spray cleaner solution each time.

VIII. Do not spray the cleaner directly on the fixture or arms. This will darken the finishing. While cleaning the fixture, do not spin the chandelier to get another side! Keep the fixture steady, come down the ladder, move it and then climb to clean the new section. Spinning the chandelier around can loosen its hinging screw. Let the chandelier dry for sometime before fixing back the trimmings.

A Shortcut Way to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

I. The above method can be time-consuming and with kids in the household, keeping crystal parts lying around is not a good idea. So a more convenient, quick method is to clean the chandelier without dismantling the parts.

II. The initial first 3 steps (turning off power, using quilt) must be carried out. From then, using small sandwich bags, cover the crystal bulbs and parts, so water does not enter them. Secure each covered bulb with a rubber band.

III. Use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and warm water, spray the chandelier fixture, coating the surface firmly. Do not spin the chandelier around, while spraying. Leave the chandelier to drip dry for 15 minutes, then dry up excess solution with a soft cloth. When the chandelier is completely dry, remove the bags from the bulbs. You can also use special chandelier cleaner or solution to clean the chandelier.

If not cleaned or ill-maintained, the sheen or glow from a chandelier can become dull and dirt could permanently affix itself to the trimmings and bulbs. The above methods may be time-consuming and at times, a bit tedious but to make that chandelier sparkle, all such efforts are worth it.
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