How to Repair a Toilet Flange

One of the major signs that indicate a worn out flange is leakage of water from the base of the toilet. This article takes you through the steps of repairing the flange.
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Last Updated: Jun 8, 2018
A toilet flange is a metal plate that is fixed below the toilet. It serves two main purposes; the first is it connects the toilet with the sewer outlet pipe and second, it secures the toilet to the floor. The toilet is bolted and fixed to the flange, which is then secured to the floor using screws.
In order to prevent leakage, a beeswax seal is applied at the junction. In most cases, the flange and the floor lie on the same level.
Every toilet should be maintained properly in order to ensure smooth functioning, and also to avoid odor and/or leakage. If there is a leak at the base of the toilet, then you can fix the problem by simply repairing the flange.
If a leak isn't immediately taken care of, it could lead to a wet floor every time you flush, and the growth of black mold particularly at the base of the toilet. Another sign of a worn out flange is the movement of the toilet while sitting on it.
Repairing Tips
Required Tools and Materials:
The required tools and materials include screws, cordless screw driver, torque wrenches, flange bolts, wax rings, flange repair kit, and caulk. The necessary materials may differ based on the problem.
For example, if you have an imbalanced flange that is located below or above the toilet floor, then it can be fixed by using a flange extender.
Removing the Toilet:
The first step is the removal of the toilet. Prior to removing it, stop the water supply, and flush the existing water. Unscrew the bolts and nuts that are located on the sides. Hold the toilet and lift it gently. Ensure that you place the nuts and toilet properly, as you are going to remount the toilet.
Flange Repair:
Clean and wipe off the old wax as the most as possible from the old flange. Scrape the wax coatings from the bottom surface. Fix the flange bolts in the holes of the repair kit. Then, place the repair kit on the floor in a similar position to the previous one. This will ensure the correct position of the flange and it will prevent any leakage at the same time.
Fixing the Toilet:
Follow the instructions provided in the manual by the manufacturer. Screw the flange down on the floor properly. Place the new wax rings and remount the toilet; secure it with the bolts and/or nuts. Make sure that you do not apply excess pressure while fixing it, as tight screwing may result in cracking.
Turn on the water supply, flush the water, and check for any leakage. In order to repair a toilet flange on the lead pipe, you can apply caulk at the junction of the lead pipe and the oakum joint. There are also flange repair rings available in the market in order to repair a broken flange.