How to Remove Tomato Sauce Stains

Tomato sauce is the most common culinary item, that is used in a variety of dishes; but it can cause tough stains. Here are some tips to remove such stains.
HomeQuicks Staff
Food stains are very common, especially for those with small kids, who are very skilled at spilling anything and everything. Tomato sauce is one of the most common culinary items, which can cause stubborn stains; and removing such stains can be really tough, if you do not know the right methods.
Tomato Sauce Stain Removal
From Clothes: Clothes are prone to get stained with sauce and other food items. The golden rule for stain removal from clothes is to act fast. As soon as you notice the stain, blot it as much as you can. Any sort of rubbing or scrubbing may lead to spreading of the stain. You may use paper towels or soft cloth for blotting the spill. Hold the cloth under running water, so that the water runs through the back side of the stain. This will force out the stain through the exposed part, and prevents the stain from going deep to the other side. Now, rub a small amount of liquid detergent into the stain. In case of white clothes, you may use bleaching agents, like lemon juice, white vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide solution. Rub the stain and then launder the cloth. If the stain still persists, then soak the cloth in warm water, after applying detergent on the stained portion. In case of stubborn stains, use a stain remover gel, stick or spray; and wash the cloth as per the instructions given by the manufacturer.
From Carpets: As mentioned above, act fast and scoop out the excess sauce on the surface. Work from the edges to the center of the stain. This helps to prevent the stain from spreading. If you are not able to scoop out the sauce, you can vacuum it. Blot the stain with paper towels or a soft cloth; and spray the stained part with cold water or club soda. You have to blot the stain again. Spray some white vinegar on the stain and leave it to soak. Rinse the area with cold water and a mild detergent, and blot it dry. You may use a vacuum cleaner for removing the water and drying the carpet. You can use lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide solution (three parts water and one part hydrogen peroxide) to clean tomato sauce stains.
From Plastic Goods: I know people, who throw away their expensive plastic containers, once they get stained. Tomato sauce is one of the most common causes for stained plastic containers. You won't be forced to part with such containers, if you follow these guidelines. While mild stains can be removed by washing with cold soapy water, tough ones need further treatment. Apply some lemon juice or baking soda, and place the container under direct sunlight. Let it sit in the sun for some time, before rinsing with cold water. If the stain is not removed fully, repeat the process, and keep it in sunlight for a longer time. It is always better to prevent such stains by using a non-stick spray inside the container, before putting any sauce. Never put hot sauce in plastic containers, and refrain from microwaving plastics containing sauce.
You can get rid of tomato sauce stains by following the above said tips and guidelines. Stains caused by tomato ketchup can also be removed with these methods.