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Top 10 Vacuum Cleaners 2020

Vacuum cleaners are available in so many different models that it can be difficult to choose just one out of the many.
Nick Dorsey Jan 10, 2020
In reality, one model may be perfect for one job but fully inappropriate for another. An ideal household will have a model appropriate for all jobs, big and small, but most people have neither the storage space nor the desire to own too many vacuum cleaners. Here is a short list of ten models worth investigating if you need a new vacuum.

1. The Ecovacs Deebot

For a large floor, especially one made of hard material, it is hard to find more convenience than a vacuum that operates when the user is not even home.
The Deebot  can be programmed to do exactly this, and when it is finished cleaning, it docks to its own home base for charging.

2. The Dyson DC25

All Floors Upright: Featuring Dyson Ball and Root Cyclone technologies, this bagless upright never loses suction and is very easily maneuvered. It is ideal for any type of flooring.

3. The Hoover DM6207T Pet and Stairs

This bagless upright features a washable HEPA filter for removal of allergens from the air in the home. In addition, it is designed to sit on stairs without tipping and has a long attachment hose enabling the cleaning of 13 stairs from one position.

4. The Dirt Devil 1400W Compact Cylinder Cleaner

This powerful cylinder model has a height adjustable brush head for cleaning various flooring materials. In addition, it is easily maneuvered for upholstery, bedding, in cars and in small spaces. It costs less than $100.

5. Black and Decker PHV1800CB Pivoting Nose Energy Star Handheld Vacuum

This small, powerful handheld is Energy Star qualified. Its pivoting head enables superb cleaning in the smallest of crevices.

6. The Eureka Atlantis Deluxe Steam Cleaner

This steam cleaner model is appropriate for all flooring types as well as stairs and upholstery.

7. The Shop-Vac Bulldog

This quiet, powerful wet-dry vacuum is ideal for cleaning automobiles. It comes with several upholstery attachments and a generous four gallon tank, but is designed for hand held use.

8. The Bissell 3106-3 Featherweight Upright

This cordless upright is easy to maneuver and handy for small or frequent jobs around the house. It can be purchased for less than $20.

9. The Miele Callisto S5280

The HEPA system in this ultra-hypoallergenic bagged model filters 99.995% of impurities at 0.3 microns and is approved for use by those with allergies, asthma and pets. It also boasts very powerful suction.

10. The Electrolux EL6985B Harmony Ultra-Quiet Canister Vacuum

This convenient canister vacuum is so quiet it can be operated while others in the house are sleeping. It features a versatile, compact head that can get into tight spaces.

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