Top Load Vs. Front Load Washers

Sheetal Mandora Nov 8, 2018
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Unique in washing capabilities, price, range, size, and result, both top load and front load washers are quite popular among homeowners.
As a homeowner, one of the first few things families purchase is a washer and dryer combo unit. And since there is so much competition in this sector, there are many companies designing better, more convenient washers and dryers.
Making these machines affordable, the pain of dragging the laundry to laundromat has reduced. With new improved designs, sometimes it is difficult to figure out whether front loading washers are better or top loading ones. The competition between top vs front load washers will stay till companies come up with a different loading technique.

Top Load Washers

When you enter a laundry room, you'll see washers lined up next to one another. Open the lid, dump your clothes inside, add detergent and turn the machine on. The center agitator begins its 35-45 minutes' process. Traditional washers have about 12-15 lbs. capacity and are often viewed more popular than their challenger, front loading washers.


✔  The settings of these machines are easy on fabric but can still be relied upon for intense cleaning for tough stains. With leading brand names like Whirlpool, LG, and Haier selling some of the best washers and dryers, no wonder these machines have been around for so many years.
✔  Another pro is the price factor. Since washers are popular, their price range is also economical. Depending on the washers the price may vary. Also, the lids on these washers don't get locked once started. At times, we may forget to put some clothes or drop something accidentally. In such cases, a top load washer can be really useful.


✘ Top loading washers use more water than front washers. To submerge all the clothes in water, the machine gets filled with water and begins the cycle, which can be costly. Also, the electricity consumption can be a worry. With fancier wash cycles and setting options, your clothes may take longer to get cleaned, consuming more electricity.

Front Load Washers

Also found in many laundromats, these washers use the tumble-wash technique. You open the lid, place all your clothes in, add the detergent, shut the door, and it locks itself once the water begins to fill completely. In this comparison between top and front washers, let's see how these machines perform.


✔ Few machines have this system where there is no agitator to clean the clothes. Instead, the tumbling system is used so that when the detergent mixes with water, your clothes are washed gently. This helps in lesser wear and tear of clothes. Also, you don't have to segregate your clothes as they can be washed together without any risk of damage.
✔ Use of water is less as the machine tube doesn't need to be filled completely with water. That in turn helps save a lot of money. The front washers can take up to 12-20 lbs. weight, which can fit about 16 pairs of jeans at a time. And with 2-3 detergent dispensers for your regular detergent, fabric softener, and bleach, it makes laundry a simple task.


✘ One of the most common issues with the washers is the price. Plus, if you forgot a red piece of clothing in the washer, you know what will happen; since the door gets locked once the cycle begins. So these factors have to be considered while taking the final purchase decision.
In this comparison, it looks as if both the contenders are running head to head. With positive and negative elements to both washers, the decision to purchase a particular type of washer rests in your hands. Whether you go for top or front loading washers, it all boils down to what you're searching for your family's needs.
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