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Top Painting Tips for Walls and Floors

Desiring to level up your own place this season but didn’t know where to start with? Don’t worry because we got your back!
Thomas Wright Sep 25, 2019
You can accomplish your makeover goals by simply painting your house interiors. You can get the advice and try these painters located in Burnaby to further assist you with the details. Moreover, here are some tips on how to apply paint in various areas.

1. Painting Ceramic Tiles

Most of us disregard the replacement of tiles as it would cost a big amount. Apart from the challenge of ripping out those ceramics, renovating your house is really difficult. That is why painting is such a great alternative.
Generally, painting is a short-term solution to improve your place. But if you want a long-lasting finish, it’s important to properly prepare the surface before painting the tiles. Make sure the area of the house to be painted is well-ventilated before you start painting.
Use sugar soap and water to scrub the tiles and grout, rinse, and then let them dry. Lightly sand the tiles with a fine sanding sponge (180-grit sandpaper). This may seem too unnecessary but it actually gives a better bond for the primer coat.
A primer coat is essential when painting ceramic tiles as it strengthens the painted finish and ensures that the paint does not peel. You can use quality semi-gloss or gloss enamel paint, which can be painted to almost any color. Follow the application guidelines on the can for a smooth and amazing finish.

2. Painting a Brick Wall

Many households have a brick wall that serves as a special feature. Bricks are usually dark in color and can make a room look old fashioned and unhappy. If you want to give an update and refresh a room with paint, this one is for you.
Firstly, clean the wall using lightly hard bristled brush and warm, soapy water or hose it down with a power spray. Let the wall completely dry and then check it for cracks or damaged areas that need to be repaired.
Apply universal or brick primer to seal certain holes and surfaces before painting. Double coat the brick wall to fill in the gaps and cracks and use a low-nap roller to get a smooth finish.

White and other light color paints are popular choices for a brick wall. It portrays both elegance and sophistication. These colors are also easy to be incorporated by other hues and can be accented any way you want it.

3. Painting Hardwood Floors

If you have small spaces and you want to make it look brighter and wider, painting hardwood floors in light hues is a great idea. Since Scandinavian style is getting more popular in the world, painted hardwood floors are trending.
When painting a hardwood floor, choosing a quality paint that can withstand daily foot traffic is a must. Sanding the existing finish is necessary to have a smooth finish. Read the application guideline thoroughly, especially the specified drying time.
The quality of the paint formulation greatly affects the results. Apart from that, you need to know the proper preparation before painting to avoid messy and rough surfaces. And it’s all up to your skills and tools to get your desired finishes.

Good to know

Depending on the product used, for high-traffic areas, you may want to apply a clear polyurethane sealer for added protection.