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Top 3 Apps That Help You With Your Appliances

Richard Clayton Oct 11, 2019
The rise of technology innovation in our home is dramatically increasing. Developers of applications are finding new ways for us to access our home appliances to grant us complete control over them.
The rise of technology innovation in our home is dramatically increasing. Developers of applications are finding new ways for us to access our home appliances to grant us complete control over them. Not only do apps for appliances give us full control, but it also enables us to monitor all of their actions. Thus, helping to make our lives easier.
One factor that developers of apps for home appliances must consider is the specifications of different types of smartphones that homeowners use. Given that not all smartphones have the same specifications in terms of storage, speed, and operating system, developing apps that can help us can be challenging.
However, developers should also take into consideration the fact that not everyone can afford expensive smartphones with high-quality specifications. Knowing which appliance controller apps are worth downloading is the only way to help make consumers’ everyday lives more comfortable. Thus, here are the top three apps that help you with your appliances.

Samsung SmartThings

The Samsung SmartThings is a dedicated Samsung app that allows you to control as well as monitor your appliances and devices no matter where you go. Although it’s a dedicated app for Samsung, phones that have an android operating system can download it through Google’s App Store.
Samsung also expanded the range of compatibility of the SmartThings app by allowing users running an ios device to download it from their app store. The innovation and breakthrough technology of Samsung SmartThings an app that allows users to monitor just about any smart device.
Utilizing the SmartThings app for a smart home can allow you to turn your lights on and off, as well as control the temperature of the thermostat. The innovation of the SmartThings app will enable you to connect almost every smart device while allowing you to set your modes to control devices simultaneously.
Further, you can also set habits and schedules as to when the connected devices should operate. Modes such as going to bed, commence cleaning, play a movie by turning your living room into a home theatre or leave the house can be easily set from your phone. The objective of the SmartThings app is to run your smart home with a single command.
The SmartThings app can also notify you whenever your appliances have finished their tasks such as the washing machine completing their cycles. Another innovation of the app is that you can also get notified whenever someone arrives at the front of your doorstep. Thus, keeping you alert and informed of all the actions and processes of your appliances.


The openHAB is an open-source home automation app that incorporates Java to allow you to control a vast range of smart devices, home systems, and appliances. The app also has a unique feature that allows for a unified abstraction layer that enables you to connect all of your appliances simultaneously, similar to the SmartThings.
Given that openHAB is open-source home automation, the range of supported systems and technology can go over 200 as well as thousands of different devices. The goal of the developers of openHAB is to provide you with the comfort of automating your home with ease while integrating different products and systems in a single app.

LG SmartThinq

The LG SmartThinq app allows you to control all of your LG brand appliances from your phone. However, the control and monitoring of home appliances can only work for LG appliances that have LG’s artificial intelligence platform called ThinQ. LG aims to give you the comfort and manageability of your smart devices, even if you’re not at home.
Further, the SmartThinq app helps you put your mind at ease because you can do multiple daily tasks simultaneously through your smartphone. Further, your LG smart appliances use artificial intelligence that will learn all of your daily habits and to log them on your phone.
The artificial intelligence of your smart appliances works hand-in-hand with the SmartThinq app that will anticipate your needs by remembering your usage habits. Usage habits can either be on your washing machine, dishwasher, induction, and refrigerator. SmartThinq will record anything from the start of use until the turning off of the appliance.


The automation of your house can be strictly linked to the implementation of Robots in our workplaces. Since smart appliances and devices are rapidly increasing. Developers are creating apps that will help solve our problems as well as using the maximum potential of our devices. Although, they’re still not complete in terms of features and functionality.
More and more open-source platforms that allow us to control our smart devices and appliances, even if we’re not a home is also increasing. While some smart apps can be trusted, SmartThings, openHAB, and LG SmartThinq are the most reputable of them all since they have high credibility and features that can simultaneously connect all devices.