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How to Get Rid of Toy Clutter

Pragya T Jun 18, 2019
Getting rid of toy clutter can be a big problem. However, with some effective planning and organizing you can easily get rid of clutter within minutes. Here, are some effective tips on getting rid of toy clutter that will help you out in the job.
Arranging the huge amount of toys after every time your child has finished playing with them can be a big problem. You might be spending hours on the job of organizing toys right from the tiny jigsaw puzzle parts to large stuffed toys.
Though, no matter how nicely you have arranged everything, the next day the toy clutter is going to be the same again. If you are facing these problems, then here are some tips on getting rid of the clutter, that will help you save valuable time and make your child's room appear a little more organized and neater.

How to Organize the Clutter of Toys?

✦The first thing you need to do is sort out the toys. This means sorting out toys into three groups. So, lay down three bed sheets and sort the toys into three groups, by placing them on the appropriate bed sheet.
✦ Separate broken toys, or those not at all used by the child. You can get rid of expired paints or play dough.

✦ In the second group place toys not used for past 3 months. They may not be your child's favorite, but they may demand later on. Keep them in the storeroom.
✦ The third group should be your child's favorite or often-played toys. Include toys like antique toys or special gifts from important people from your family or friends.

✦ The first group is not at all used toys. It should be donated, sold, or thrown away.
✦ Many children cycle the liking and disliking for toys. The group of toys not used by your children is the second group. Store such toys in a plastic bin in a storeroom. You can keep cycling the toys every month, by swapping stored toys with least-played toys.
✦ Now, you have the third group, the most used and favorite group. While decluttering these, sort the toys into small groups. The grouping of used toys can be according to puzzles, board games, stuffed toys, cars, scientific toys, educational toys, sports items, building games.
✦ To store various small groups of toys you can have your own storage system. You can use large cartoons, or small shoe boxes as containers. Cover them with fancy paper, and use them to store the toys.
✦ However, the most effective way to store the toys is to arrange them in small to large transparent containers. Store the small toys like cars, puzzles, and board games into the small containers and keep the large containers for toys like sports items or stuffed toys.
You can also use hooks for hanging the plush toys. This way you know where a toy belongs to, and it will be easy for the child to spot a particular toy.
✦ After you are done arranging the toys to the individual groups into the containers, label each container. This way even your child can help you arrange the toys into their respective containers.
Your kid might not take the changes positively initially, but will understand the convenience of the arrangement. An organized kid's room is always a pleasure to be in and your child will end up enjoying himself much more. So follow these steps to control the toy clutter effectively.