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Track Lighting Installation

Track Lighting Installation
Track lights are adjustable fixtures which are plugged into a pre-wired channel, called a track, which allows the lights to move along it. This article takes you through the steps of installing these lights.
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Home Renovations - Track Lighting Installation
Track lights are very versatile and they allow you to focus light over things such as paintings and other design elements. They consist of aluminum or plastic light fixtures attached to a track device with electrical conductors. They are mounted on walls or ceilings with lights that can be slid over the tracks. Installing these lights is not that hard to do. It is easier to install these lights where there is an existing ceiling light since there is already a power source and a junction box. The tracks come in different lengths, choose one according to your requirement.
The first step is to shut off all electrical power at the breaker panel. Now, use a step ladder to remove the old light fixture from the wall or ceiling. The light fixture comes with a mount for the cover. Remove the mount cover by unscrewing the screws that are present around the outside edge. Gently take the light bulb out. Now, unscrew all the screws and nuts that are holding the fixture base to the ceiling box.
Lower the base of the fixture so that it is half hanging from the wiring. Pull the wires out through the ceiling box and remove the electrical tape that is present on the black, white, and green wires. Now, use a voltage tester to test the circuit to ensure that there is no current passing through.
The next step is to attach the new mounting plate to the ceiling box with screws. Locate the position of the mounting screws on the ceiling. Now, you need to drill a hole in the ceiling to mount the toggle bolts. A toggle bolt is a simple nut with folding wings. The wings are held together when the toggle is inserted into the hole in the ceiling. When the toggle is pushed upwards, the toggle spring―which is in the ceiling―opens up, preventing the toggle bolt from slipping out. Install the track and secure it with the toggle bolts.
To provide a better grip to the tracks, tighten the screws of the toggle bolt. Next, pull the wires through the end of the track and attach it to the screw terminals. To conceal the wiring, install a cover plate at the end of the track. Lastly, mount the light fixtures by pushing the top of the fixture into the track, aligning the contact blades parallel to it, and rotating its base by 90 degrees to lock it in place.
The tracks should preferably be positioned between 18 to 36 inches above the area you want lit. Track lighting can be used as accent lighting to draw focus to a certain spot on a wall or object. But they are not suitable as task-oriented lighting as the wattage is quite low. Track lighting can also be used to create a certain atmosphere in a room.
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