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Trampoline Assembly Instructions

Shrinivas Kanade Nov 3, 2018
Assembling a trampoline is not a difficult task that requires professional help. Let's learn how to assemble one!
Children love to bounce on a trampoline. Not only is that a fun experience, it also helps strengthen the muscles in your body. If you have purchased this equipment, assembling it is a cakewalk.

General Assembly Instructions

  1. First of all, lay all the parts on the ground near the spot where the trampoline is to be placed.
  2. Before you start assembling, make sure that you have all the components mentioned in the parts list given in the Owner's Manual. If you find that you are short of some parts, contact the seller for replacement.
  1. Your first task is to set up the legs. Place each part of the frame on the ground and assemble the framework.
  2. The task becomes a bit complicated and maneuvering becomes more cumbersome, as it nears completion. So, ask a friend of yours to give a helping hand in completing the framework.
  1. Lock all joints of the framework by hitting the joint seams with a rubber or wooden mallet.
  2. This can also be done by laying a piece of wood on each joint and smacking it two or three times with a hammer, which allows a joint to snap into place.
  3. Next, you need to add the springs to the frame, in such a way that they dangle towards the ground.
  1. With an open hook model, it is necessary that they face down when they are placed into the position.
  2. Lay the trampoline's bed or the jumping surface, beneath the completed framework, and hook the bed to the frame springs.
  3. Follow the instructions given in the manual. If you make a mistake in attaching springs, the bed grommets might rip apart.
  1. Open the cover of the each spring and tie it down to the bed grommets. The ties must share the bed grommets with the springs. If the ties are not proper, damage can be caused when the trampoline is used.
  2. The next step involves hanging the safety net to the frame.
  3. Stretch the safety net out on the ground such that it is evenly spread on the guide lines.
  1. Raise the net and prevent it from getting tangled.
  2. Attach the safety net onto the framework in such a way that it overlaps at the entry point.
  3. Don't forget to tie the net securely to the framework.
The place where the trampoline is to be put should be free of overhead wires, branches, and any obstructions that may cause an injury. The same rule applies for the space around the framework. It is necessary that the chosen place must be free of big boulders, stones, fence, tree stumps, or any other items that can cause injury if someone falls off.
Putting sand beneath the trampoline and in the surrounding areas may help in cushioning the fall. It is a better idea to place the trampoline in a pit. This will decrease its height and bring its jumping surface closer to ground, which may help to avoid a serious injury in case anyone falls. The area where the trampoline is placed must have enough light.
A trampoline is an exercise equipment that takes your children away from the idiot box, out into the open. Play with your children, as it would be fun for them to observe you making awkward jumps or landings.