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Troubleshooting Electric Furnace

Medha Godbole Nov 5, 2018
If you have even a rough idea of troubleshooting electric furnace, it can help keep you a major headache at bay, along with saving some previous money. Read on to know how you can do this.
Electric furnace is a device that provides warmth to the whole interior of the building or a portion of it. The basic mechanism is that it converts electricity to heat. It works by circulating air around the heating element linked to the furnace with the help of return air ducts.
Now, any problem in these parts can lead to a problem in the heating. Going to a professional for getting it fixed is easy, but would it not be easier and more convenient if troubleshooting can be done at home?

Fixing an Electric Furnace

Furnace Blowing Cold Air

If you are facing this problem, check the thermostat first. A faulty and/or dirty thermostat can lead to the furnace not heating the air properly. When there is an accumulation of dirt on the surfaces of the bi-metallic coils and the switch contacts, the furnace will not work. To resolve this problem, spray the coil with small compressed air canister.
In other cases, the reason for the furnace not blowing hot air is a dysfunctional circuit breaker or a bad fuse. In that case, replace the fuse and get the circuit breaker back on track. Not enough heat from the furnace may also mean that the registers are closed or blocked. Therefore, it is important to ensure that they are open and are not blocked.

Furnace Not Turning On

The circuit breaker and fuse could be the primary culprits if your furnace is not running. Check if the circuit breaker and the fuse are in a good shape. If they are, then turn to the separate power switch on or close to the furnace. Another condition in which this may happen is overloading. Here, switch off the furnace or reset it after around half an hour.

Furnace is Very Noisy

Loose access panels can cause this problem, so you must fix them correctly. In the advent of the noise created by sticking, worn-out, or damaged belt, use a fan belt dressing. Spray that on the belt or replace the belt if it is in a really bad shape.
Too loose or tight blower belt can also be a cause for the noise, in which case, you have to adjust the belt. Ultimately, if all these above reasons do not seem to work, it might simply be that the motor or the blower needs lubrication.

Blower Running Continuously

In the scenario where the blower does not stop running, it could be that it is clogged. To rectify this problem, cleaning the blower assembly is required. If you find that the relays are faulty, it is preferable to call a professional rather than trying to troubleshoot the furnace yourself.

Furnace Switches Off and On

There are three scenarios in which this can happen:
  1. If the filter is dirty
  2. If the blower is clogged or needs lubrication
  3. If the motor needs lubrication
The filter would have to be cleaned or replaced and the blower would need cleaning and lubrication in these cases respectively. Eventually, the motor too would need lubrication.
Other than these problems, keep a close watch on burnt/worn-out wires and allied components. In addition to that, ensuring that all the connections are proper will also be helpful. Other than these, there is always an option of calling a professional to get the electric furnace fixed.