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Popular Types of Barbecue Grills and How to Choose the Best One

Types of Barbecue Grills
Is that the smell of a juicy hot dog smoking on a hot charred grill, wafting through the air? You bet, it is time to get that barbecue grill out into the open and have a feast. By the way, if you still don't own one, this post will help you select the best grill. So, why all this waiting when you can get started?
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Gone is the cold frosting air; here comes the spring with its freshness and warmth. And it's a perfect time to get out that barbecue and get roasting, grilling or however it is, that you prefer the meat. Besides, owning a barbecue provides an opportunity to throw a barbecue party; what's more, it is fun when it is outdoors.
There is a variety of barbecue grills to choose from, what you choose determines the flavor of the meat that you are looking forward to enjoying. For a smoky, flavored meat, you would definitely have to go in for a charcoal grill, while the electric one would give you an intense meat flavor. The best thing about barbecue happens to be that it is user-friendly, and is a perfect getaway for a gathering of all sorts.
Assortment of Grills to Choose From
Charcoal Grill
Charcoal Grill
This is the traditional way of barbecuing, and the least expensive means at that too. You just need some charcoal and a pit to get it started. It works on wood too, so if you do not have charcoal, all you've got to do is, fuel it with some dry twigs and branches and you have your grill started. However, a charcoal grill is comparatively a time-consuming means of grilling, yet is the perfect setting for a laid-back party when you have loads of time to spend with people around you and the grill. Keeping jokes aside, I give all due credit to the charcoal grill for a wonderfully smoked and juicy flavor that it lends to the meat. It is a tad bit messier, but an overall good companion for those lazy Sunday afternoon or weekend parties that you intend to have. The only danger with charcoal grills comes from the possibility of flare-ups and children's affinity to fire.
Electric Grill
Electric Grill
The electric grill is a good option for those of you who are wary of using gas or charcoal grills. Comparing this grill with the others, the electric grill comes forth as being quick, safer and a less messier option. It comes equipped with a grate which catches the runoff juices during the process of barbecuing. What's more, these grills can speed up the process of cooking, thus saving you loads of time. The down factor, however, is that it will never be able to replicate or match up to the flavors that a charcoal or gas grill will be able to give. For those of you who prefer indulging their taste buds over saving energy (both natural energy and personal), this would probably be the last option to go in for. Besides, electric grills cannot be moved around according to your convenience, as they need a power outlet to operate.
Gas Grill
Gas Grill
The gas grill is easier to operate and has gained a huge popularity among its users. It produces instant high heat, which naturally reduces the cooking time and ensures that the food will be cooked evenly. They are custom-made to run on bottled propane or natural gas which need constant refilling and turn out to be a costly affair. However, utilizing the natural gas from your utility provider or gas line turns out to be an inexpensive means. What you wouldn't like about this is that, it won't provide you the intense smoky flavor like that of the charcoal grill. Gas grill is a reliable option in those times of a rush and you are impatient to have your meat on your platter. Most of the gas grill varieties are relatively expensive; however, you can opt for the portable variety, which will enable you to move it around with ease.
Toaster-cum-electric Grill
Toaster-cum-electric Grill
The toaster-cum-electric grill works well when you want to indulge in small bites during the day. It comes in handy when you are in a hurry, especially in the mornings when you want to grill fish or burger patties. It is beneficial for those who are health conscious, as it involves negligible amounts of oil. The grill works on electric supply and thus saves a lot of preheating time. Besides, it has an inbuilt juice collection tray that avoids messy encounters. Easy to use and handy too, this comes as a blessing in disguise for all those weary of larger grills or those who are staying in hostels. Another additional feature that makes it an essential home appliance is that it can be operated by children and adults. It's portable and light, making it easier to carry along for those caravan trips.
Infrared Grill
Infrared Grill
Quickly gaining popularity among users, the infrared grill simply radiates heat by heating a ceramic tile. This enables the food being cooked to cook evenly. The result this grill gives you is that the final product tastes similar to that of the charcoal grill. What you get using an infrared grill is, meat that is moist and succulent as it is cooked with direct heating, rather than using mere hot air to cook. The upside of this grill usage is that you spend lesser amount of time heating and cooking the food, and lesser amount of cooking time means lesser drying out of the food. The downside of this grill is that it is too huge and bulky to move it around. Before you decide to go in for an infrared grill, it would do you a world of benefit to review some of the best models available.
Besides these varieties are the pan grill, which enables you to grill food on the gas stove itself and the spit grill, which is used mainly for spit roasting. When opting for a barbecue grill, ask your dealer if the variety is portable. Some of these grills are specifically made for commercial places, so it would be best to check which actually fits into your budget and meets your requirements before purchasing one.
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