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10 Unbelievable Uses of Eggs That are Incredulous But Make Sense

10 Unbelievable Uses of Eggs
Eggs remind us of a great breakfast and just everything about food. But, they are much more than that! Apart from their utility in cooking, there are many amazing and unusual uses of eggs.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Think of the Box!
Instead of throwing the egg cartons away, choose to use them in innovative ways. Make ice in them if you need it for a party. Or use them to keep small ornaments or Christmas decorations. You could also plant seedlings in them, and later transfer them to your garden.
Eggs are known for their versatility. You can poach them, fry them, or scramble them. Whatever you do with them, they are always tasty! Plus, they are packed with so many nutrients and are considered as one of the most nutritious food items in the world.
Vitamin A, B5, B2, B12, Phosphorous, and Folate are a few of the nutrients you get from eggs. Egg whites have no cholesterol. Hence, eggs make a perfect blend of health and taste!
Egg uses don't end here! There are so many other things you can do with them. Not only their edible part, but even their shells are useful. Given below are some creative ways to use eggs. Just Eggs-periment!
Unusual Uses of Eggs
For Skin and Hair
Young girl on terrace with natural mask on her face
Eggs can be used for both skin and hair, with or without adding any other ingredient to them. The proteins in them will treat damaged hair and moisturize the skin and hair. The yolk or the white can be used as a facial. Apply it on the face and neck. An egg facial will smoothen your skin. Make sure you wash your face and hair after the application. Also, eggshells can be used as a scrub.
Eggs are excellent for cleaning, especially leather and jewelry. Egg whites should be used for cleaning leather. Just beat up and apply a thin layer. It will clean the leather and make it look shiny.
The sulfur in eggs makes them great cleansing agents for oxidized jewelry. Firstly, hard boil an egg and crush the yolk in a small container. Wrap the jewelry in a paper towel and keep it on the crushed yolk. Close the container and let it rest for a day. The jewelry will stink but you can remove the smell by washing it. This process will remove any tarnish or discoloration.
What do you do when you run out of glue just when you need it? Get an egg out of your fridge and use it. Egg whites are quite sticky. Hence, they can be used very well to stick paper or any light cardboard.
Keep the Pests away!
If you have a beautiful garden but those slugs and worms seem to spoil the beauty of the plants and flowers, use eggshells to get rid of them. Crush the shells and scatter them near the plants. This will keep slugs, snails, and cutworms at bay. Deer will also keep safe distance from the area. The eggshells are known to irritate cat feet which is why even they'll stay away.
Unclog Sinks
Grind some eggshells and keep them near the sink strainer. This has two benefits. The first one is that the shells will trap any solid waste. Secondly, the shells will eventually break down and clean the pipes as they flow down.
The shell
Eggshells are rich in calcium and other minerals. This property can be used to maintain the health of your garden plants. Just crush the shells and use them as a manure. You could also add them to some ready-made manure to enhance the nutritional value.
Colourful easter eggs with catkins on white table
Everyone loves to decorate eggs at the time of Easter. So, why not decorate them at anytime of the year? Easter eggs are hard-boiled eggs but you can choose a different method too. There are many ways to blow the yolk and the whites out, without breaking the shell. You can just prick a hole and let everything slowly drain out. You can then decorate the empty shell or carve it.
Eggs can be used to treat minor injuries. When you hard-boil an egg and then remove the shell, there is a thin film between the shell and the egg. You can wrap that around the injury. If the eggs are not boiled, you can apply a thin layer of whisked egg whites on the injured area. The layer will dry and form a film which will stop the bleeding and the injury will start healing.
Improve Coffee
Add some crushed eggshells to ground coffee before brewing, to improve its flavor and sweeten it. Just keep it till you brew, after which it can be used as manure. It will reduce the bitter taste and give the coffee a good flavor.
Eggshells and Garden cress
Eggshells or egg cartons can be used to plant new small plants. You can prick a hole in them so that the water has space to drain out. These can also be used for decoration. Paint the eggshells or cartons to make your tiny plants even more noticeable.
Would you have believed that eggs can in fact be used in so many different ways? So the next time you wish to try something different with eggs, use them in one of the ways we just told you about.
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