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Useful Advice for Choosing the Best Milk Frother

Useful Advice for Choosing the Best Milk Frother
A milk frother can make all the difference; it gives your coffee a rich, creamy texture and also furnishes it with a glorious layer of foam. However, with so many models out there, which one do you pick? Let's take a look at how to choose a milk frother that best suits our needs.
Priya Johnson
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Serious Coffee Business!
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Coffee aficionados are always on the lookout for ways to give their homemade coffee a professional look. After all, it's not just the coffee shops that can dole up large, fancy-looking cups of flavorful coffee. With a few tools, we can prepare the same at home. The milk frother is one such tool, with the help of which you can prepare that thick layer of foam that adorns coffees available in coffee shops.

A milk frother is basically a simple kitchen appliance that incorporates air into hot or cold milk, thus, producing thick creamy milk for the coffee and a layer of firm, velvety froth to adorn it. All this is carried out in a matter of 20 - 30 seconds. Wow! It's an appliance every coffee lover wishes to own. However, there's another problem! With so many models out there, figuring out which one to purchase is a cumbersome task. So, here we are to help you make your decision with a few useful tips.
Pointers for Picking the Best Milk Frother
Handheld or Container Style
Frother Container
A pitcher- or container-style milk frother comes with a container or jug that holds the milk to be aerated. In such a frother, all you do is pour the milk into the container, and turn on the device for it to convert your milk into smooth and velvety milk with firm froth that you so desired. These pitcher ones have a greater capacity; however, if you add more milk, there are chances of the foam oozing out and creating a mess. The handheld ones, on the other hand, bear semblance to the hand blenders, and need to be held into a mug of milk until the desired frothy consistency has been achieved. They froth the milk with ease and don't involve the hassles of spilling out.

Our Advice
Pick the handheld one for light and occasional use; however, the pitcher style is appropriate for frothing a large amount of milk on a regular basis.
Manual, Battery-operated, or Electric
Battery frother
Manual models involve a manual pumping action, wherein the milk poured into the container is agitated by the pumping action; however, since it is manual, it calls for a lot of elbow grease and doesn't provide efficient results. The handheld ones are usually battery-operated, while the pitcher-style ones are electric. Dealing with batteries can be a hassle, which is why some manufacturers have come up with models that run on rechargeable batteries. Since they are fitted into a charging base, you needn't worry about the battery running out, and they are always ready to use. The electric ones are also ready to use and produce the necessary foam in a matter of a minute.

Our Advice
Opt for a handheld model with rechargeable batteries, because they're convenient and easy to use.
Like any other appliance, milk frothers are also available in a wide price range, from as low as $2 to as high as $70. The pitcher- or container-style ones are more expensive, simply because they have greater capacities. Moreover, you are charged for the body of the container, its style, etc. The handheld ones are cheaper because their designs are simpler and less fancy.

Our Advice
When a cheaper model gives similar or even at times better results, why pay more unnecessarily?
Clean Frother
Handheld frothers require your constant presence and supervision (however, they only take 20 - 30 seconds to froth up). Electric container frothers, on the other hand, can be switched on and left on their own to come to the desired consistency. In terms of cleaning up, most container models call for removing milk residue and soaking and scrubbing, which is quite time-consuming and cumbersome. Most aren't even dishwasher-safe. The handheld ones come with a single stirrer with few crevices, which makes cleaning up really easy. In terms of storage, the container styles are bulky and call for more storage space, while the handheld ones take up less cabinet space. They are also lightweight and easy to handle. Moreover, they also come with stands to hold them in an upright position.

Our Advice
Handheld ones are easier to clean, but if you're opting for the container model, go for the dishwasher-safe kind.
Heat Frother or Regular
hot and iced coffee
There are some milk frothers that come with the heating facility, which means they heat up your milk while aerating them. This results in piping hot milk that's simply perfect for a cup of piping hot cappuccino. Such frothers eliminate the need to preheat your milk. The regular frothers, on the other hand, just incorporate air into the hot or cold milk added to them, without raising the temperature of the milk.

Our Advice
Opt for a specialized heat frother if you're into hot cappuccinos, and intend to prepare them on a regular basis.
Keeping these tips in mind, go ahead and purchase a style that best suits your needs and preference. So, go ahead and pamper your family and friends with a rich, smooth, velvety cup of homemade cappuccino for a fraction of the price! Enjoy!