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Uses of Duct Tape

Sonia Nair Apr 17, 2019
Originally known as 'duck tape', duct tape was invented during World War II for the purpose of sealing ammunition boxes. Let's see some of the common uses of this versatile product.
God made the world, but it's held together with duct tape. - Anonymous

This popular saying rightly describes the versatility of duct tape. It is a multipurpose adhesive tape made of fabric, coated with a waterproof material.
Earlier, this tape was available in silver and black colors only, but nowadays it is manufactured in different colors, including transparent ones.
This tape was first made in 1942 (during World War II), and was mainly used to protect ammunition cases from moisture. It was also used by soldiers for fixing their arms, vehicles, and even aircraft.

Why the Name?:

Duct tape was also known as 'duck tape'. There can be two reasons behind this name. It could be due to the material used in its manufacture. At that time, the tape was made from cotton duck, the fabric used for making tents, tarpaulins, and ponchos of soldiers.
Another reason is the waterproof nature of duct tape. It is like the feathers of a duck, which can protect its body from water. After the war, duct tape became widely available in hardware stores. The name 'duct tape' was derived from its use in wrapping air conditioning ducts.
It was also used by astronauts aboard the Apollo 17 for making some repairs, which helped them to prevent damage to the lunar rover. Today, duct tape is so popular that it is used to make designer wear, handbags, wallets, and a whole lot of other things. It has become something indispensable in every household.

Some Common Uses of Duct Tape

  • It can be used as a temporary bandage. Place a cotton cloth or paper towels on the wound, and seal it with duct tape, until proper medical care is available.
  • Many novelty items and fashion accessories can be made with it. Wallets, handbags, model houses, flowers, etc., made of duct tape, are very much in vogue.
  • This tape is also used for treatment of warts. According to some medical studies, it is found to be effective for removal of warts. In this treatment called duct tape occlusion therapy, the tape is placed over the wart for a stipulated period, generally six weeks. This helps in easy removal of warts.
  • You can retain the freshness of chips and other such items by sealing the open packet with duct tape.
  • It can be used for mending broken pieces of any tool, utensil, water hose, photo frame, etc.
  • It is useful for removing lint from clothes. Wrap some duct tape around your hand with the sticky side out. Then roll it over the fabric and see the difference.
  • An old pocket folder can be given a new look by covering it with duct tape. Strengthen the individual sections with the tape and it will be as good as new.
  • Use it to stick posters, fix holes, for hemming jeans, to reinforce book binding, etc.
  • Duct tape can be used to prevent the glass in windows from shattering. Tape up the window panes during strong winds.
The versatility of duct tape is so much that in Scandinavia, this tape is known as 'Jesus Tape', obviously referring to the tape's ability to perform miracles. Duct tape is no less than a miracle, as it can perform a wide range of functions.