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7 Uses of a Garment Steamer

7 Uses of a Garment Steamer

A garment steamer has replaced steam irons in most households. Deployed for the same function as that of steam irons, garment steamers are proving to be more useful and HomeQuicks tells you why. Take a look at the garment steamer uses that have been narrowed down for you.
Rucha Phatak
Did You Know?
In earlier times, tea kettles were used to steam clothes to achieve a wrinkle-free look. However, the scenario changed in 1940 when the first garment steamer was invented. After that, people no longer needed hot kettles to remove the wrinkles off their clothes.

The worry of getting rid of wrinkles faster from clothes disappeared when garment steamers hit the market. Once the appliance is plugged in, the water in it quickly begins to heat up, creating steam. With a flick of one switch, the steam is released from the steamer. Steamers are usually available with a base machine or as a hand-held model. Different nozzle extensions are available as well. This makes them the preferred choice for commercial, industrial, and even personal use.
Basic Functionality
The basic use of the hand-held steamer is to steam clothes in order that wrinkles are removed. The garment in question is usually hung on a hanger or a rod. When steams starts to gush out from the nozzle on heating, the steamer is brushed over the garment. The time needed for the garment to be wrinkle-free depends upon the depth of the wrinkle, thickness of the material, and the steamer's power. However, it definitely takes lesser time than ironing. Also, it is less clumsy. A steamer can easily be used in case of emergency ironing. With different nozzles and attachments, one can use a steam cleaner in any which way he wants.
Many users may utilize this appliance for only steaming clothes. That's because its small size can fool anyone; however, it can do more than just getting rid of wrinkles. Let us peruse through the other uses of the very efficient garment steamer.
Cleaning Curtains and Other Window Treatments
Who says a garment cleaner can only clean clothes? Don't get tricked by the term 'garment' in the name. This appliance works great while cleaning curtains and draperies as well.

It is quite time-consuming to uninstall curtains, draperies, shutters, or blinds to clean them. Their maintenance is often overlooked. It gets tougher to scrub and wash them every time in order to clean them. However, keeping them unclean is not hygienic and mars the beauty of a house. Here is where the size of the steamer comes to your aid. With its small size, one can steam clean window shades/blinds without detaching them.
Spot Cleaning
Though smaller in size, a garment cleaner works just like any other carpet cleaner. In fact, it is ideal for spot cleaning.

With different nozzle attachments, you can use the garment steamer to steam clean any tough spot on your carpet. However, due to smaller size of attachments, the cleaning can be done only on a small scale.
Removing Labels, Stickers, and Wallpapers
Removing labels, stickers, wallpapers, etc., can be a painful task as they do not come off clean. And if even they do so, the sticky glue goop remains on the surface.

However, with the garment steamer, your work is made easy. When the steamer is brushed over a label, sticker, etc., with steam jutting out of the nozzle, it dissolves the adhesives instantly. It then becomes so easy to take off the labels, stickers, or wallpapers from the surface without leaving behind any remains of sticky glue.
Removing Grease
Grease buildup is a normal scene in most kitchens. It can be found on utensils, oven doors, stoves, fans, etc. It accumulates slowly, and can become a big nuisance if not paid attention to, from time to time. Use of a normal soap, water, and lot of scrubbing may not completely clean it off. The same goes for the grease buildup on bikes, motorcycles, boats, or trailers. This buildup can decrease their performance.

Enter the garment steamer. By just focusing the steam coming out (from the garment steamer) onto the buildup will loosen the grease. This sticky filth melts under steam pressure. Once it melts, all that remains to be done is wiping it off with a cloth, and your job's done.
Defrosting the Freezer
A garment steamer can be used to accelerate the process of defrosting a freezer. Directing the steam nozzle to one area helps in the melting process of ice. With a steamer, it is easier to separate big chunks of ice.

However, care should be taken before steam is used for defrosting. As it is an electrical appliance, it is necessary to avoid its direct contact with water while defrosting.
A garment steamer can be used to sanitize different cleaning surfaces. Sanitization is done as one cleans things with the steamer.

The garment steamer works with steam rising from the boiling water. There is no addition of harmful chemicals. Steam is said to kill 99.9% germs. The garment steamer can be employed on floors, bathrooms, kitchen utensils, bedding, and other things that need to be disinfected and sterilized.
With a garment steamer, things are not only cleaned, but they are also rejuvenated. Steam cleaning the bedding, pillows, etc., will make them look as fresh as new.

The steamer is a great option for tile rejuvenation as well. The dirty grout between the tiles is always the toughest spot to clean. Due to the narrow space, the brush does not reach the dirt in the grout. The dirty grout lines can make the whole floor look unattractive. However, steam directed towards the grout with a fine nozzle helps in loosening up the dirt stuck there. On the other hand, the tile surfaces can undergo steam treatment after which all you have to do is wipe the surface clean.