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Venetian Blinds Cleaning

Gaurav Shimpi Apr 19, 2019
"The blinds have become so dusty and sticky, it's going to be a tough job to clean them!" Well, this is a common complaint heard in every household. This information will end all your cleaning worries by giving you some effective and simple steps for venetian blinds cleaning at home.
Venetian blinds are one of the most popular and good looking window blinds today. They, not only help to keep off the harmful ultraviolet rays, but also provide privacy. There are many types of horizontal and vertical blinds available today.
Choosing the right type of blinds can go a long way to enhance your home decor. When it comes to venetian blinds, cleaning them is a completely different story altogether. The large number of little blinds are accumulated with dirt, dust, and sticky grease, which makes it difficult to clean.
However, cleaning is extremely essential, as an unclean blind can pollute the air entering the house, which can affect the health of the family, especially the kids. So, without further ado, let's start.

Cleaning the Blinds

If you haven't cleaned the blinds for over a year or so, you can follow the steps given here. Don't apply the following method for wooden blinds, as it involves use of water, which can damage them.
  • Firstly, read the instruction manual for removing the blinds and completely remove them from the window tracking.
  • Next, you can place them in warm water either in the bathtub or outside, in the garden. Add ammonia solution, vinegar, bleaching agents, or detergents to the warm water.
  • Now, you can leave the blinds in the water, overnight or for some hours, it will help to disintegrate the dirt. After this, you can wear gloves or socks in both hands, and start washing the blinds one by one.
  • If the dirt is greasy and sticky, you can use a soft-bristle brush for scrubbing the blinds. Now, reverse the blinds and clean the other side using the same technique.
  • You can also use a squeegee or purchase some cleaning equipment, like a sponge, in order to make the cleaning job even easier.
  • After removing all the dirt and grease, it's time to rinse the blinds, remove all the water from the bathtub, and fill it with clean water. Now, rinse the blinds in this clean water.
  • You can hang the washed blinds over the bathroom railings or out in the open, to dry. Ensure that they are completely dry before you fix them back. Ideally, drying them outside, in the sun is the best way for complete drying.

Effective Methods

Light cleaning, at least every weekend, will help to avoid the excess accumulation of dust and dirt. You can use the following procedure.
  • Take a soap or ammonia solution. Wear cotton gloves, dip your fingers in the solution, and run them over the blinds one by one, from right to left and over the edges. You can also use a small paint brush to remove dust from the slats.
  • Make sure the blinds are shut while you do the above. Clean thoroughly under the slats with the fingers. After this, clean the slats by opening and closing the blinds in the opposite direction.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner is also a good idea. However, make sure you hold the blinds by one hand while using the vacuum cleaner, as it will prevent the slats from loosening up.
  • Wiping and cleaning the slats by using one dry sock in one hand and a wet sock in the other is also a great cleaning technique.
By cleaning this way every week, you can keep off the dust and also, prevent the blinds from getting sticky. If you find these steps to be too exhausting, you can take the help of professional cleaners to get squeaky clean blinds, it can be a little costly, though. Weekly cleaning is the best way to avoid wasting extra time, effort, and money.