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Vertical Blinds Repair

Bidisha Mukherjee Nov 3, 2018
Like any other home decorating item, vertical blinds are subjected to regular wear and tear. In this article, we have addressed some easy methods for its repair.
Vertical blinds are popularly used for covering up doors and windows. This is more suitable for sliding glass doors and windows. It helps to enhance the interior decoration of the homes. Basically, it has three major components.
The horizontal head rail which is fitted at the top of the window or door. The vanes also known as slats or louvers which are made of different types of materials like wood, metal, plastic, etc. and are hanged from the rails. To open or close the blinds, the vanes are moved across the head rail with the help of chains.
The blinds tend to suffer some typical damages. The vanes, particularly the plastic ones get broken at the point where it is attached to a clip. Sometimes, one or more of the clips are broken. The small weight at the end of the vanes may also get detached. The problem arises when there is some damage in the head rail, as then the vanes can't be moved at all.

Repairing the Vanes

When a vane is torn, it has to be replaced by a new one. For this, the damaged slat needs to be taken out from the rail first. Move the vane slightly in the upward direction and turn it a bit to take it out of the clip, and then pull it down.
If the clip is attached to a string, then you have to take out the chain not only from the damaged vane but also from all those vanes which lie in between that vane and the chain anchor point.
Take the new replacement vane and move it into the holder or the clip. While you install the new vane, care should be taken that its orientation is the same as the other vanes. If you find it difficult to push in the vane into the clip, you can use a screw driver to exert some extra pressure.
Do not apply too much of force as that may lead to breakage of the clip. Finally, pass the chain through the replaced vane and other adjacent vanes from which it was removed.
If there is a tear near the hole where the vane is attached to the clip of the rail, then the vane would fall down. To repair that tear, just cut a small piece of the vane from its lower end and paste it with glue on the torn joint. The size of the replacement piece should not be larger than required or else, the entire hole may get covered up.
Hold the glued part tightly in between your fingers till the two pieces bond well with each other. Now, you can put it back to its position in the rail. If the slat is made of fabric material, then the torn part can be mended by needle and thread.

Repairing the Head Rail

If you are repairing the head rail on your own, it is possible that the warranty may get invalidated. So, touch the head rail for repair only when the warranty period is over. Only the chain of the head rail can be repaired at home. You can remove the old, damaged chain with a new one. Firstly, remove all the vanes one by one from the chain.
While taking the chain out of the head rail, check out how it was set with the horizontal bar to make installation of new chain easier. Once you have put the chain into its place, attach all the vanes in the same alignment. For repairing any other component like the veins of the head rail, hire a professional as it require a very skilled pair of hands.

Repairing the Clips

The clips that hold the vanes often break as they are mostly made of plastic. However, it is very easily replaced and sometimes, you do not even need any tools for that. Take out the broken clips out of the head rail of the blinds. If you are using a screw driver for this purpose, ensure that it does not damage the vane.
While replacing the new clip, take care that it is fitted well into the head rail or else it cannot secure the vane properly. After that, insert the vane into the clips in the same alignment as other vanes are.
Before you start with the repair, you must clean them up thoroughly. It will not only help to carry out the repair job properly, but also prevent any further damage to them. Whenever you have to purchase a new component, take proper measurements so that it sets well with its existing components.