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Wallpaper Removal Products

Wallpaper Removal Products
Over a period of time, wallpapers turn old, and therefore, removing them becomes necessary. But, one should use the correct type of wallpaper removal products for this purpose.
Ujwal Deshmukh
Along with color combinations and furniture, wallpapers also play an important role in improving the aesthetic appearance of the house. No matter how beautiful the wallpaper is, after it has aged and lost its beauty, the only option that we are left with is to remove it. But, the biggest difficulty people face in this course is finding the suitable products that could be used to carry out the removal without causing damage to the wall.
Products for Wallpaper Removal
Most of the people find it easy to use different types of scrapers, such as plastic spatula, putty knife, etc. However, the wallpaper should be removed carefully and only when the wall is still wet. There are a few reasons behind this. If the wall turns dry, it would require a lot of hard work to remove the wallpaper, and there are also chances that the wall may get damaged in the process.
Liquid Solutions
Preparing removal solutions can also be a good option. You can prepare several solutions using different combinations. The most common among these are ammonia and hot water, fabric softener and water, and the most commonly used is vinegar and warm water. While preparing the solution, care should be taken that you neither overuse nor underuse any of the elements. For best results and reduced hard work, one should insist on mixing sufficient quantities.
Using a Steamer
A steamer is an equipment which involves the use of steam, hot plate, cooking sheet, and a connecting pipe to remove the wallpaper. Using the steamer is not a very difficult job, but you need to be careful while using it.

1. Connect the hot plate and pipe to the steamer, and pour some water into it.

2. Place a cooking sheet under the steamer, and turn on the machine.
3. Wait for the machine to heat up, and let steam come out of it. Once this happens, wear your protective gloves, and press the hot plate flat against the wallpaper.

4. Spread the steam evenly over the surface in order to heat the glue.

5. Now, make sure you have sufficiently heated a particular surface, and remove that portion with the help of a putty knife.

6. Perform the same procedure for the rest of the area.

Steam helps in warming up the glue beneath the surface, and therefore, such steamers are widely used.
Tips for Removal
  • Scraping a wallpaper can be a tedious job. Therefore, see that you do not perform the task alone. Always have another person for assistance.
  • Ensure that you prepare the solution with the right amounts; otherwise the whole affair might turn time-consuming and tiresome. Also, there are chances that the wall gets damaged due to excessive use of chemicals.
  • Spread your solution evenly on the entire surface. This would ensure smooth scraping of the wallpaper.
  • While buying solutions from the market, insist on knowing the concentrations of chemicals to avoid further problems.
  • Move away all the furniture that is lying in the nearby areas to prevent damage. Furniture should be at least 3 - 4 feet away from your workplace.
  • While using the steamer, insist on keeping it on the cooking plate. This would prevent damage to the flooring.
Using the right quality and quantity of products and following the aforementioned tips would definitely make work easier for you.
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