Wallpaper Removal Steamer

Wallpaper Removal Steamer
Wallpaper removal steamers are the perfect solution to remove wallpapers effectively in a very short period of time. In spite of this, there are still many other products that can be used to remove wallpapers...
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The job of removing wallpapers takes a considerable amount of time, and it messes up the entire room with pieces of paper laden with adhesive material. You may first consider using a wallpaper removal solution for taking out the wallpaper, but if a thin layer of paper remains behind on the wall surface, you will need to employ a steamer to get the job done completely.

The task of removing wallpapers can really be tedious and overwhelming, but you can save a significant amount of time and energy by employing a steamer. If you try to take out the wallpaper of a big room without utilizing a steamer, it can take several hours to accomplish the task. If the wallpaper is quite old, removing it is probably tougher, which makes this equipment an ideal option. This equipment has been proven to be better than any wallpaper removal solution.

A steamer is also a great tool for painters and odd-job experts who often take up the assignment of wallpaper removal. This equipment quickens the removal process by warming up the gum underneath the surface, which loosens everything and makes the wallpaper or the back-up layer to be scraped and removed.

Wallpaper Removal Procedure

Rent a steamer from your nearby hardware or home improvement shop. Taking it on rent is evidently the best alternative if you only plan on utilizing it for removing wallpaper as a one-time project around your home.

Purchase an easy-to-use tool known as the 'paper tiger', or a similar nocking tool for wallpaper removal. In the procedure, this tool needs to be utilized to appropriately nock the wall prior to employing the steamer.

Before you start out with the process, it is necessary to protect the ground and surrounding area from the mess that is going to be created. Tiny particles of paper and gum can turn out to become messy when removing wallpaper. Utilize a drop curtain to cover the ground and move the furniture or other things out of the area to be worked upon. Also protect the mopboard or molding with tape.

Nock the surface of the wallpaper by rolling the paper tiger over the complete area of the wall in a rotary motion. The small spikes on the lower side of the paper tiger would make tiny holes which will enable the heat from the steamer to penetrate the gum beneath. Ensure that you do not push down too hard when utilizing this tool, or else it would make deeper holes in the wall which will need to be patched up afterwards.

Using a Wallpaper Removal Steamer

Connect the pipe and the hot plate to the steamer, and ensure that everything is properly connected. Put water into the steamer, but do not overfill, and make sure that you follow all the instructions according to the model you are using.

Position a cooking sheet or something alike on the ground. You would need to do this in order to rest the steamer on while you finish taking out the wallpaper by hand. Ensure that you don't position the equipment directly on the rug, drop curtain, or plastic.

Plug in the equipment into a nearest outlet, wait for sometime so that the equipment heats up and steam starts coming off the hot plate. Make sure you have worn protective hand wear while working with the steamer. After the steamer warms up, you are required to press its hot plate flat against the wallpaper. Take the hot plate to and fro over the surface long enough to heat the gum.

Place the steamer against the cooking sheet or other metal object, when you have completed with steaming a particular area. Set out with the wallpaper removal by scraping the wall using a taping knife. Scrape off the gum and pieces of paper exhaustively.

Employing a steamer makes the wallpaper come off a lot faster that any other method. It certainly makes wallpaper removal less strenuous and less time-consuming.
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