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Wallpaper Removal with Fabric Softener

Arjun Kulkarni Nov 25, 2018
So many people want to get rid of their old, fading wallpapers, but don't know how to remove it. So, here's some info which will make removing it off the wall, delightfully easy.
Many people use wallpapers instead of paint on their walls. This is because it comes in many lovely designs and all you have to do is stick it on your walls. Painting on the other hand gives you a single color and while you can paint designs on your walls, it will be too big a hassle to make your wall look as good.
However, before people put a lovely wallpaper on the wall, they do not know what a headache it is to remove it. And after a while, you do have to remove them because they get faded.

Remove Wallpaper with Fabric Softener

The problem that occurs while removing wallpapers is that it may spoil the walls. Many times people apply the wallpapers without applying the primer before the application.
As a result, the glue which is used to stick it on the wall gets absorbed into the wall and as a result, removing the wallpaper may take some chunks out from your wall. Hence, removing it is clearly a delicate job. 
To make this job easy, go for a quality fabric softener as it is the best removal product. For this, you need some hot water, fabric softener, and a wallpaper steamer or a simple sprayer. You may need an old cloth as things may get a little messy.
So, are you ready with the necessary products?
  • Before you start this exercise, make sure that you turn off the circuit breaker and all electrical appliances. You will also have to remove all the furniture from the room, as this is a messy job.
  • Cover the floor with some dry unused cloth to prevent it from getting dirty.
  • Mix the softener and water in the ratio of 1:4 in a steamer.
  • In case, you do not have a steamer, heat the water first and then mix it with the fabric softener in the same ratio in a sprayer. In case, you do not have both, you can mix the fabric softener and water in a bucket and then use a paint roller or a heavy rag of cloth. However, it's advisable to use a steamer/sprayer as its less messier.
  • Start spraying the walls with this mixture. You will see that the walls start peeling off after some time.
  • Usually, you can spray one wall, then peel the wallpaper off the wall you sprayed previously. If it refuses to come off, then spray the same mixture again and then peel it off!
  • To even out the wall, you can use a heavy duty cleaner (preferably one which has trisodium phosphate). This cleaner will work as an abrasive on the walls, and rub out all the wallpaper residue, wax, and grease if any, and even out the surface for your next wallpaper or paint.
Another compound which can be used in place of fabric softener is white vinegar. But, it is advisable to use softener itself, as it makes the removal process quite easy.