Washing Machine

Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Won't Drain

If the water won't drain out of your washing machine, it means either something is stuck in the drain hose or pump, or the pump is broken. This Buzzle article will help you identify the causes of this failure.
A washing machine is one such home appliance that has made our life so much easier. One doesn't have to waste energy and time doing the laundry.
As with all machines, you are sure to hit a road block after a point of time. With washing machines the possibilities are endless, one such problem is the drain function malfunctioning. When this happens, the machine diligently completes other cycles like filling and agitating but refuses to drain. The reasons mentioned below could be one of the cause behind this failure.
Check the Drain Hose There could be a kink in the pipe stopping the process, simply straighten the hose and you will find that the washing machine starts draining normally. Bits of clothing, paper, coins or soap balls could be very well the reason behind clogging. Disconnect the hose from the bottom of the tub and clean it with a drain snake will help unclog the hose thus allowing the machine to resume proper functioning.
Lid Switch The lid switch is a kind of safety device that ensures that the lid is closed properly before the machine starts the spin cycle. Improper working of the switch will hamper the drain program. To check this problem, take off the machine lid and put it back it will click shut and the water will drain properly if not replace the lid switch at the earliest.
Troubleshooting Pump A small object stuck in the pump can affect the functioning of the pump. Once the blockage is removed, the machine should function normally. Defects in certain parts like the rotor coil or vanes, can stop the motor from functioning. If that's the case, call a technician and get the motor serviced, or have the pump replaced.
Drive Belt
If the washer won't drain, you should check the drive belt. If the belt is broken or if it isn't tight on the pulleys it will hamper the work. Fix the belt to make the machine work normally.
The above solutions are quite simple and you apply them on your own. However, if you are not confident enough to carry out any of the repair jobs, then you must hire a professional.