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Wasp Nest Removal Tips

Bhakti Satalkar Jun 10, 2019
Wasp stings are very painful and in some cases where the person is allergic to the toxins, it can be fatal. To avoid any mishaps due to having a wasp nest in the vicinity of your home, you need to get rid of it immediately. Utmost care has to be taken while removing a nest. Read on...
Many a time, it is possible that we neglect wasp nests, as we do not know how to identify them properly. Identifying wasp nests is not difficult, if one knows how the nests look. Wasp nests are normally a common feature in the summers.
Although one can see them only around mid summer, they actually start their work much earlier. To know where the entrance of the nest is, you will have to keep a watch on the visiting wasps.
Sometimes the entrance to the nest may not be visible, as the nest will be located in a hole of a soffit board, shed wall, etc. Wasp nests in walls and trees are a common sight during summers. The nest removal task may sound easy, but you will have to spend a lot of time on this task.

How to Remove a Wasp Nest?

There are two types of wasps, you will come across. There are the social wasps and the solitary wasps. It is the social wasps one should get rid of, as they are known to sting. More often than not, the wasp nests are located either at the entrance, under the roof, or on the trees.
These are the areas which are in close contact with humans, hence, it is important to implement safe wasp nest removal. On the other hand, the solitary wasps are known to be docile and cause less to no harm. One can use the natural- or the chemical-based methods to remove wasp nests.

Best Time

The best way to remove wasp nest is before sunrise or after sunset. Because during the day time, the nest is often empty as the wasps go out in search of food. During the night, the queen and the other wasps are in the nest itself.
If you remove the nest during the day, very few wasps will be killed. At the same time, when the wasps come back to the nest at night, if they do not find their nest, they will build it again, which certainly is not what you want.

Removal Process for an Underground Nest

Wearing rubber clothing is recommended, as wasp stinger can make way through woolen or cotton clothes, which is not desirous. If the wasp nest is underground, use kerosene or diesel for getting rid of it.
Pour the fuel on the entrance of the nest and cover the entrance with a wet towel. The fumes of the fuel will kill the wasps in no time. Although a lot of people recommend lighting fire, it is not really required. If you are of the opinion, that wasps are still alive, you may consider it.

Removal Process for a Hanging Nest

If the nest you have to deal with is a hanging nest, then you may want to make use of a nest removal spray.
Some people try using the household insecticides to get rid of wasps, but these insecticides do not work, therefore one should make use of the sprays made specifically for wasps. The other alternative is to make use of pressurized bomb. When you are using the bomb ensure you stay away from the nest. As far as possible try to aim at the entrance of the nest.
In case you are not able to aim exactly at the entrance, but close to the nest it should be fine, as throwing the bomb closer to the nest will help you eliminate wasps easily. The bomb will destroy the nest as well as the wasps inside the nest.
Along with wasp spray, you may also want to consider a trap to get rid of wasps at home. If your home is prone to wasps, then using a repellent is a good idea, so that your home is not infested with them.
Make it a point to have a companion, when you are undertaking this task. In case of a wasp sting, do take necessary actions to avoid any complication. If the nest is big, then calling a professional is always a good idea.