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Effective Home Remedies for Wasp Removal

Mrunmayi Deo Jun 10, 2019
Wasps are the most common insects that irritate us very often. Read this post to find out ways for wasp removal and some facts about them.
Wasps are about 1.6 cm long and are characterized by a yellow and black-colored body. They generally reside in hollow tree barks, underground, or even on house roofs or cavities. They are supposed to be natural pesticides as they feed on many harmful insects.
Wasps create nuisance only when they are present in populations while living in nests and hives. They are among the stingy insects that cause anaphylactic reactions or allergies in humans. Their stings are fatal displaying symptoms like nausea, giddiness, swelling, or headache. For this reason, you would surely want to get rid of them.

Methods of Nest Removal

Wasps prefer staying in nests or hives. You have to undertake this method with utmost care since wasps can get highly aggressive and angry. And mind you, they are many in number! High trafficking by wasps in a given area indicates the presence of a wasp nest or hive.
The best time for this hive removal is after sunset. They come down at night and become drowsy, so this is the best time to attack them. Make sure you protect yourself thoroughly ensuring no exposure, by putting on layers of clothes and wearing gloves. Do not forget to wear a veil to protect your face, head, and neck.
Use a headlight or ask someone to hold it for you and cover the lens with a shiny red paper so that the wasps get attracted onto it. Make sure you do not create any disturbance since wasps are very sensitive to sounds and vibrations.
For the visible aerial nests, what you need to do is just cover the nest from the top with the help of a covering bag. Make sure you seal the bag properly and dump it in water. For buried nests, go in for professional pest control because it involves high risk or you could use repellents or kerosene if you want to try out at home.
For the one's on the ground, what you can do is just cover the cavity or hole of the nest with the help of a bowl. Press the bowl on the ground so that the trapped wasps can't escape. Wasp repellents can do the trick as well.

Home Remedies for Wasp Removal

Simple Water Trap

#1 Cut a plastic bottle into half. Invert the upper part of it and affix it upside down inside the bottle with the help of an adhesive tape.
#2 Make sure you add a wasp attractant like fruit juice or soda in the bottle and spray it on the outer side of the bottle as well so that the smell does the trick. Or else you could just coat the mouth of the bottle with jam or petroleum jelly so that the wasps get entrapped.
#3 Hang the bottle near the wasp prone area and wait for the results. Wasps get attracted and entrapped within the bottle and eventually die.

Boiling Water

What you could do is, just pour boiling water inside the nest or hive at night when the wasps are asleep. This method is likely to kill most flies.

Citrus Oil Extract

It is a natural insecticide which causes instant death of the wasps due to presence of limonene and linalool in it. You need to exercise caution while using this one.

Glass Wasp Trap

This trap works wonderfully well. You just need to add water, lure, and replace the stopper. Hang it. Wasps enter through bottom, get entrapped in the water and perish. Make sure you add lemonade after sufficient time span so that the smell persists.


This is really interesting and doesn't take much of your hard work. A waspinator is a replica of the wasp nest or hive which you can hang near wasp prone areas. Wasps avoid entering other wasp nests so you can easily fool them around.


You can make anti-wasp sprays by adding bleach, detergents, soap solutions, shampoos, peppermint essential oil, hairspray, hair glue, or hot pepper in water.
Few of the other methods include:
✚ Placing oranges with cloves stuck in them at random places at your home, placing slices of cucumber in your gardens, spraying garlic, onion and pepper mixture, spraying neem oil, and rosemary oil onto the nest.
✚ Applying baby powder to your body will repel wasps from stinging you.
✚ The best way to keep wasps away is to maintain proper hygiene since wasps love feeding on dustbin wastes.

Wasp Repellents

✚ Springstar Oak Stump Farms Yellow Jacket & Wasp Trap
✚ Rapid Wasp and Hornet Killer
✚ Bee Popper II Wasp Spray
✚ Poison Free Wasp and Hornet Killer
Use the right repellent and try the best remedy to get rid of them. See to it that you take action at the right time. Do not ignore them. Take revenge of their stings!