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Wasps in House

Sonia Nair Jun 30, 2019
Wasps in and around the house have to be eliminated at the earliest, as these insects can inflict nasty stings. Here are some tips to get rid of them.
Wasps have always been viewed as dangerous and harmful insects, as they inflict horrible stings. Though preventive measures may prove effective in deterring them from frequenting your premises; sometimes, you may find one or more wasps inside the house.
If these wasps are found to hover around a particular area, they might have their nest nearby. Usually, wasp nests are found on tree branches, below the roof structure, on the walls and siding, behind furniture, and inside cracks and crevices.
While some species, like yellow jackets are found to be aggressive than others; almost all wasp species are capable of causing painful stings, that can be more dangerous for people with allergies.
Black wasps are commonly found in houses, as most of them are mud daubers, who build their nests in areas with human activity.
So, it is always better to eliminate these insects, once you find them roaming inside the house or in the yard. You must also remove wasp nests located inside the house and the immediate surroundings.

How to Get Rid of Wasps in House

If there is a wasp nest in the area, you may find more than one wasp moving around that spot frequently. If you find a single wasp hovering around a spot, then, it may be trying to build a nest somewhere in the vicinity.
In some cases, these insects may enter the house accidentally. You have to eliminate them, so as to avoid wasp stings.
● If you come across a single wasp roaming inside your house, you can kill it with a fly swatter or broom. You may use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the wasp and dispose it later.
However, killing wasps in such a manner requires much care to prevent stings. This method is ideal, if there is a single wasp in the house. If there are more, they may attack you jointly.
● You may also use wasp sprays, for this purpose. There are various commercial products that are meant for killing these insects. Soap water solution is also effective as a wasp spray. Exposure to soap solution makes these insects immobile.
● If you find several wasps inside the house, it is almost certain that there is a wasp nest in that area. In such cases, you have to locate and remove it at the earliest. You may either do it for yourself or hire pest control professionals.
● There are various methods for removing wasp nests. If you want to do it for yourself, make sure to wear protective gear, like face mask, goggle, gloves, and shoes. Wear fully-covered clothes, preferably of thick fabric.
The best time for removing a wasp nest is before sunrise or after sunset. Avoid doing this during daytime, when these insects are active.
● During late spring and early summers, wasp nests are found to be small with a few members. In such cases, you can spray insecticides on the nest, and remove it with a broom. Make sure to crush the nest, before disposal.
Another method is to use a cloth bag to cover the nest fully. Seal it tightly, before removing the nest from where it is attached to. Immerse the cloth bag in water for a day, before crushing and disposing the nest, along with the bag.
You have to be extremely careful, while killing a wasp or removing a wasp nest. If the nest has several members, any threat to a member or the nest may trigger a joint attack from the wasps. So, proper precautions must be taken, if you want to avoid getting stung.