Water Cooler Dispenser Troubleshooting

Fatima Rangwala Nov 7, 2018
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Knowing the components of a water cooler and maintaining the device regularly helps to a great degree when you want to troubleshoot the common problems a water cooler dispenser can possibly pose.
There is no doubt that water coolers are one of the most essential devices that happens to be a basic necessity in a home or a work place. These devices are available in one or two simple forms, such as a counter top dispenser or a floor standing dispenser.
While some water dispensers offer many options of water such as hot water, water at room temperature or cold water, water coolers are strictly known to dispense cold water from the spouts. Water dispenser, being a mechanical device,  can pose some problems sometimes in our daily life.
The problems can be anything from the water filter clogging to a blocked faucet, to funny tasting water. Whatsoever is the issue, it is wise to take up a troubleshooting procedure and reckon out all the alternatives regarding the same.
If you have learned how to maintain your water cooler in a good condition, then  you do not need to know its components in detail when it shoots common problems. In such a case, if you happen to be more than familiar with all the parts of the device, then troubleshooting as well as any other water cooler repair process becomes easier and faster for you.
Nevertheless, on the other hand, if you are not acquainted with the machine's components, here is help for you about where and how to look for the problems in a water cooler dispenser.

How to Troubleshoot Water Cooler Dispenser Problems

There are some easy ways of getting the job done. With some pointers by your side you will not need to give a call to the service station for professionals to come and conduct repair for you. This way you will save on the service cost as well.
If the water cooler is not operating properly, ensure its connection, check whether the plug is connected properly or not. Also check the condition of a circuit breaker or the fuse, they might have got buggered.
If the cooler is not cold enough and apparently doesn't dispense cold water, at the back of the machine check whether the switch is set on the ON setting. There can be chances for it to trip and shift settings. Also check the thermostat and if needed reduce the temperature of it.
There can be a possibility for the dispenser to make a lot of rattling noise. Well, the noise is generated mainly due to the flow of refrigerant in the dispenser. And this leads to an expansion and contraction inside the machine causing all those crunching sounds.
Does the water cooler vibrate a lot? Check to see if it is overloaded with a lot of water. The level has to be reasonably moderate so as to avoid the vibrating.

Freons are the main source for the supply of cold water in the cooler. Check the levels of the freon in the water cooler. If it requires a refill, call in the pros.
If you see your tray accumulating water drips to a large extent, the main reason behind it is the bottle present on top of the cooler. It is the bottle that cracks opens at times and this in turn causes leakage from it. You can replace the faulty bottle with a fresh working one on the cooler.
Another reason of a water cooler not working is clogging of the faucet. Clogs can be due to particles or a vacuum formed. If this is the case, lift the bottle a little high and release the faucet for a short span. Put the bottle back in its place and check if it's working once again.
Sometimes the water can taste like plastic or a bit funny. This can happen if your water cooler has been recently cleaned and sanitized causing a slight change in taste. Don't worry, it's not harmful at all. All you need to do in this case is simply open the tap of the cooler for a short span and flush some water away.
Water cooler dispensers are indeed good for health as they impart fresh, clean and good-tasting water. If you sense something is going wrong with your cooler, the process of troubleshooting must be undertaken at the earliest. What is more to it is maintaining and up-keeping the cooler to avoid further complications with the device.
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