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Types of Water Pumps

Kundan Pandey Nov 28, 2018
Water pumps are used in household works and small industries. Their different types are manufactured nowadays to meet the demands in various works.
Underground water has been a crucial source of water. To effectively meet the necessary demands, various types of pumps have been designed and manufactured that suit personal, as well as business purposes. Irrigation systems are dependent on quality pumps. So, before choosing the latter, pointers like required flow rate of pumping water are considered.


Some common water pumps, based on their purpose have been elaborated in the following paragraphs:

Well Pump

These devices are used for moving water from underground sources to the home. Their capacity and power are decided by the water consumption rate in your homes. Factors like number of bathrooms, sinks, and kitchen are considered to estimate your water need.
The power of motor that sucks in the water from wells is decided based on this requirement. Submersible pumps are amongst the most efficient devices that are used for getting water from deep underground earth.
This device is completely submerged in the well and it can be seen as a long tube inside a well casing. These are sealed in their own compartments and connected to electric motors and power sources above the ground. They can work for years inside a well of 80 feet and hence, they are considered economical.

Pressure Tanks

These devices are generally used in homes, and they play a major role in balancing the water pressure throughout the year. These tanks regulate this pressure as the water is drawn into the buildings.
It is a fact that, with change in seasons, there is a change in the water pressure and so, to avoid these seasonal fluctuations, pressure tanks are used.

Sump Pump

What is a submersible pump? We all must have seen such devices that are used for taking out water from basements in buildings. When water collects in building basements, it is taken out with the help of these devices.
Submersible water sump pumps are popular than the floor level counterparts, and they can handle higher volumes of water. In these types of devices, a bucket is placed below the floor level and the activated pump displaces the water out of the building.

Tips for Choosing Pumps

Choosing the right device is necessary, so that we can make the best deal. Each pump has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some basic factors that one must consider while buying any one are adequate capacity, i.e., gallons per minute for use and cost of the device.
Besides this factor, cost of labor to install the pumps, servicing charges, reliability of the device, and power supply are other factors that one must consider before buying them. They generally come in various sizes, and the costs also vary depending on their sizes and capacity.
Generally, well pumps come in the price range of around USD 150 to USD 400, whereas pressure tanks can cost between USD 200 and USD 500 approximately. Sump pumps that are basically the most popular devices cost anywhere between USD 110 and USD 400 approximately.
In the coming years, as there will be more research on this subject, more economical and developed ones will be used in our homes and other works.