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Bored of Your Old Clothes? 5 Ways to Make Them Feel New Again

5 Ways to Make Your Old Clothes Feel New Again
Tired of your old clothes, and are on a budget that restricts you to buy new ones? Don't worry! We offer 5 simple ways to make your old, ratty clothes feel and look new all over again.
Malvika Kulur
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Quick Tip!
If you have a maxi dress that you are bored of wearing, cut it and transform it into a long skirt, blouse, or even a short dress.
Have you ever experienced this scenario―you open your wardrobe or closet, and you realize that all your clothes look too old, or you are just bored of wearing them because they feel old? You have your favorite sweatshirt, and the inside is not soft enough, but you still insist on keeping it, for the sentimental value it carries. If you have been in this predicament more often than not, this HomeQuicks article comes to your aide, in helping you revamp your wardrobe, without buying new clothes.

There are many ways in which you can recycle clothes, like transforming them, restitching them, etc. For example, you have a pair of old, faded jeans, and you don't want to throw them out. You could add some embellishments to them, or convert them to shorts. The same goes for old cardigans, jumpers, dresses, in short anything that you would not wear anymore, but would not throw out either. But this excerpt does not talk about recycling clothes, it talks about how you can make your old clothes look brand new without transforming them into something else.
5 Ways to Give a New Feel to Clothes
Young woman doing laundry
You may ask how does washing clothes help them look new? Well, when you wash your clothes at least once a week, you are removing off all the dust and muck that has settled in the fibers of your clothes, thus making them last longer. I am not saying that every time you wear something, you need to wash it. Different clothes need different washing times; for example, undergarments need to be hand-washed after every use, so that they last longer and for hygiene purposes.
Jeans should be washed after four or five uses, and shirts and blouses should be washed after every use. Whenever you wash your clothes, remember to let them air dry, and in the shade, so that they don't get pulled, faded, or get out of shape (due to the dryer).
Dry Cleaning
Dry cleaning process
Some expensive dresses, suits, blazers, etc., that you just cannot put in your washing machine should be given for dry cleaning. This process is a completely mechanical one using solvents, like liquid silicone, hydrocarbons, liquid carbon dioxide, etc., and do not harm the clothes. This process is apt for sequin dresses, blouses, suits, or any clothing that you feel may get spoiled in a normal tumble wash.
Dry cleaning is the most effective way of removing stains and maintaining the new look, even if they are years old.
Woman ironing clothes
You find an old T-shirt of yours that you've kept for ages, and you are dying to wear it. What's stopping you are the lines or creases on it, making it look old and weather-worn. All you have to do is put your garment on a flat iron board, spritz some water on it, and iron out the creases. This method is very easy and effective.
It makes any garment look crisp and new, adding a vintage touch to your garment, if the color is a little faded. Steam iron works wonders when it comes to ironing clothes that are old.
Dying cloth
What do you do when your most favorite pair of jeans has faded so much that they look whitewashed? Simple, you just give them to your local laundry services, and ask them to redye it. Re-dyeing is a process where you add the same original color to your older clothes to make them look new. If you do not wish to have the same old color, you can choose any other color, and give your clothes a new tint altogether.
This step works wonders for clothes that are made of tough and durable material, like jeans, shirts, blazers, and jackets.
Woman doing patch work
Repair clothes by fixing fallen buttons, darning holes, removing lint and fuzz balls, etc. When you do this, your clothes get a facelift and start appearing newer. Also if your T-shirts have rips, you can either stitch them up, or pin them together using small-, medium-, and large-sized safety pins. If it is a huge hole, you could always use an iron-on patch, that's available with most retailers.
When it comes to clothing and fashion, there is a lot one can do to make the outfit look new. There are some tricks, that are temporary, like spraying some hairspray on your denims before you go out for a party, so that your jeans look sparklingly new. Fashion is all about self-expression. So, all you need to do is, be creative in your ways, and maintain your clothes well.