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Ways to Organize Your Room

Pushpa Duddukuri Nov 5, 2018
Are you facing difficulty in organizing your house? Learn some easy ways to organize your room in the most functional ways possible.
It's not your fault that, you don't have OCD of cleanliness, that you can't put your clothes back to the place where it was supposed to be and you can't carry coaster around every time you put your coffee mug on the wooden table. You can't be blamed when the clutter in your room starts taking more space than the furniture in your room.
It happens to best of us when we can't find anything that we need in times of urgency and find that thing almost all over the place when we least want it. Some people are born messy and lack the organizational skills to keep their rooms from becoming eyesores. Sometimes all you need is just a few tips to wipe away all your past housekeeping sins.

From Clutter To Cleanliness Saga

The first thing to learn in this housekeeping lesson is that you have to be brave enough to let go of those countless objects which you bought but never put to use. For instance, clothes that are out of fashion or too tight or too loose for your body, things which are just lying there because you are too lazy to decide whether to keep them or throw them etc.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to stop being a STOCKER. A stocker in our dictionary is someone who just stores up things for just the heck of it. It's high time to discard the useless stuff that has taken the most amount of space in your bedroom. Take a day off from the busy schedule for the sole purpose of de-messing and learning how to organize clutter.
Make different sections for the types of items like:
  • Things you can't live without
  • Things you might need in future or distant future (but nevertheless need)
  • Things which are not useful but is too good to throw away
  • Things which you should have thrown a long time ago
After you have sorted out all the stuff you want to keep in your room, the next thing you need to do is to make space for them. Space can be stretched by using the right kind of furniture, closets and shoe racks. Install drawers in your closet or nightstand to make space for more items.
This way, you will know where to keep what and won't have a tough time finding an item. Buy bed risers or blocks to raise the level of the bed, thus the vacant space under the bed could be utilized completely.
Get big storage boxes where you can store the second category items. This way, the closet would be free only for the daily use clothes and accessories. Put your suitcases, and other traveling bags under the bed.
Now that you have made the groups, the herculean task of sorting the mess in your overstuffed room becomes your next priority. Dump your whole wardrobe on to the floor and sort them patiently into the aforementioned categories.
The clothes which fitted you so well and you had too good a time in them, but no longer fits you and is beyond repair, have to go. Arrange your clothes in the wardrobe using hangers. Fold the clothes you are not using regularly neatly in a pile.
Arrange your shoes according to the type of use in the shoe rack. What, no shoe rack? Get a collapsible shoe rack. If you have a pile of footwear and are finding it difficult to get the right one on time, then believe me, you are in a dire need of a shoe rack.
When it comes to accessories, Books, DVDs, etc., discard the items you no longer need and keep the rest. Assign proper places and ensure that you keep them in their place. Similarly with other miscellaneous items, to reduce the mess.

Tips to Organize Your Room

  • Clean your room weekly, especially under the bed and also other nooks and corners.
  • Organize your drawers and dresser according to formal, casual, party wear. Buy put on stickers for hanging belts, stoles, etc.
  • Every time you change clothes, dump them in a laundry bag. Thus, you can organize your laundry and room for washed clothes in your wardrobe.
  • Arrange your bed daily.
  • Decide the clothes you are going to wear the next day in the night itself so that you can save yourself from the last-minute confusion and subsequent mess.
  • Last but not the least to remember is to use the garbage bin. Throw away or recycle the wrappers, old magazines, and other trash on a daily basis.
Your next goal should be actually implementing the mentioned suggestions. Procrastinating the house cleaning act will just get you a bigger mess and bigger reason to stall. That's why, stop reading this and get the work done.