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What Are Some Of The Best Packing Tips For Moving House?

Zoey Fawell Jan 9, 2020
At some point, everyone has to move from one town to another for some reason. Maybe a new job you recently took up requires you to change state, or maybe you’re looking to further your studies in a university in another state. Either way, you will need some tips to help you move smoothly and with ease.
For effortless packing of household items, you should consider the following tips.

Use the Right-size Packaging Box

You should use smaller boxes to pack heavier items such as books and larger boxes to pack lighter items such as pillows and linens.
If you pack heavy items in large boxes, not only does this make the moving process harder than it needs to be but it also increases the chances of breakage for fragile items. Besides, NYC moving company professionals advise you to pack your items this way.

Place Lighter Boxes on Top of Heavy Ones

You want your items to safely reach their new home or destination. One way of achieving this is by placing heavier boxes below the lighter ones. For one, you will be protecting your items against breakages.
Second, you will be making the items more stable while in transit. Heavier boxes on top of lighter ones are very unstable and will likely to move all over the place.

Fill the Empty Spaces Between Items in the Box

If you’re looking to move fragile kitchen utensils and cutlery to your new home, for example, be sure to pack them very securely. If you loosely pack them, there will be higher chances of collision thus causing breakage.
To eliminate collisions, you can fill the spaces between them (fragile items in the box) with a clothing towel or packing paper.

Bundle-up Breakable Utensils

When bundling breakable utensils such as plates, be sure to put packing paper around each item. Then, bundle them up in a pack of five or six and wrap them with more packing paper.
When packing them in a box, be sure to place them with their sides and never flat. If you’re stashing bundles on top of other bundles, use a lot of packing paper as cushioning material places between each bundle.

Pack Items from the Same Room in One Box if Possible

You will be saving a lot of time packing the items. Also, you will have an easier time unpacking them and setting them up in a new section of the new apartment or home. Avoid mixing items from different rooms in one box.

Label Each Box

This will help you to carefully load the boxes into your truck. You will be able to tell which boxes have fragile and delicate items and which ones have items that need less attention as far as fragility goes. If you’re using the services of a moving company, don’t label boxes with your expensive jewelry collection as “valuable items.”
In as much as you want to trust professional movers, don’t give away the real value of the items you’re planning to move to a new destination. There have been cases of mishaps and unprofessional conduct by some moving company staff. You shouldn’t take chances. Instead, simply label such boxes with a codename such as “Nanna’s Linens”.
Also, remember to label each box according to the room it’s supposed to go and its contents.