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What Is a Microfiber Towel

What is a microfiber towel? You might have already used a type of microfiber cloth to wipe your phone screen but didn’t recognize it.
Sudip Paul Jul 26, 2019

What Is Microfiber Fabric

I do not want to bore you with unnecessary details on how a microfiber is manufactured or what elements are used to knit a piece of microfiber cloth or towel. However, let’s a take brief look into the materials so you may understand what a microfiber towel is and why it is the best quick dry towel.
If you are still not bored, then, you are such a philonoist, a seeker of knowledge. Let’s then dig a little more. When you say that something is micro, you definitely mean something so teeny tiny that you cannot probably see it without a microscope. The microscopic fibers of the microfiber cloth are finer and smoother than silk.
These microscopic fibers are all isolated from each other, and can function independently. This feature of these fabrics makes them an apparatus which makes your cleaning job much more manageable. As these microfiber towels retain a high amount of water, it also becomes easier to wipe up anything you want.

How Do Microfiber Towels Work

Cleaning can be a pain when you have just got back from work. The blessing of microfiber towels is that the split of the fibers creates more spaces that can catch onto dust, dirt and even bacteria.
Both the viruses and the microfiber materials are similar in the sense that both are microscopic, but some viruses are a little too smaller than the microfiber materials. So, they cannot be scooped up by the microfiber cloth or towels.