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What is Strata Cleaning?

Matt Thompson Dec 13, 2019
Strata cleaning combines the maintenance and cleaning of common areas with the cleaning of a private room. Individuals may clean their own apartment room but simply expect someone else to look after the common areas. This means common areas will fall into disrepair unless regular commercial cleaning services are employed.
The administration in charge of strata apartment complexes has a lot to look after, having to keep all the resident’s content. This means making decisions for the entire building and not just individuals or families. This can be difficult when different individuals have conflicting needs.
The amount of cleaning in a strata building is often underestimated. It is easy to forget that there are car park facilities, stairways, and a room used by others that you may not use yourself. This is further complicated by the fact that every strata building is different. So any cleaning service must tailor itself to the apartment complex at hand.
Strata cleaning must also be environment friendly and low allergen. With several people living in close proximity, there will always be a few that suffer allergies. All cleaning products must accommodate all individuals in the building. Strata cleaning services benefit individual residents and the building community.
The demand for strata cleaning is high, especially in Sydney. You should be careful in choosing Sydney strata cleaning companies since there are many service providers offering poor quality cleaning by subcontracting their work to others. Check their reviews and past history is essential.